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Funny. The more you think you've got someone figured out, the more likely they are to surprise you. Except if you've got me figured out. Once that happens, you're home free -- I'm pretty predictable. It turns out that you can't really box people into nice little square-shaped containers.

I'm very sick of this rain. It causes the ants to panic and flee their flooded homes for my apartment. I'm not really okay with that. And also, cold.

My friend is loaning me a lot of DS9. The show was interesting at first, but has since improved even more so since my friend told me that the same people who created Battlestar Galactica did DS9. Ronald D. Moore and Bradley Thompson wrote and/or produced the majority of DS9 and BSG. Anyway, it's totally bizarre. Chief+Keiko == Chief+Boomer; Changelings == Cylon v.2; Julian Bashir == Gaius Balthar; Kira == Starbuck; human race fighting for survival

Try not to tell me giant plot spoilers about either show in the comments -- I'm halfway through Season 4 of DS9 and I don't remember anything from after the end of season 2 of BSG -- but what do other people think?

Well, you found me. Was it worth it? The only thing you've managed to break so far is my heart...
This isn't brave. It's murder. What did I ever do to you? don't even care, do you?
Please proceed into android hell.
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The corollary: Sometimes, receiving *hug* just doesn't cut it.
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There are few things that I hate more than making someone uncomfortable unintentionally because of something I said. It really bothers me, probably far more than it should, and I then continue to feel guilty about it for days afterwards.

Anyway, today has been sort of a wash. I'm going to New York tonight, so that'll be okay.

Thing I'm happy about: chocolate pudding at the cafe. Chocolate pudding with whipped cream and sprinkles is such a fantastic pick-me-up.
Thing I'm less happy about: It's already 314 and I've done nothing today.
Thing I'm working on: getting through the mails in my inbox I should have dealt with on Friday.
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I'm sure that when I thought to write this, I had lots of semi-interesting things to say. But now, at the end of the day, when I've been up since 530 working (admittedly, I took a huge break in the middle to get on a train, come to work, and eat breakfast), I've kind of forgotten them all. I'm endeavoring to clean my apartment tonight, so that should be of the thrillingness.

Thing I am happy about: I was productive at work today.
Thing I am less happy about: When someone says no, it means no, especially if they say it repeatedly. I'd suggest backing off before the object of your somewhat-unwanted affection delivers a rant worthy of a violent hiphop song.
Thing I am working on: Organization. It is the key to a healthy lifestyle.
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Quote of the day:

"Grief can take care of itself; but to get the full value of a joy you must have somebody to divide it with."
-- Mark Twain

Not sure how true that is, but it seems reasonable.
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I went to Dobromir's bachelor party on Saturday (it made sense for me to be there - there were about twice as many girls as guys). We "sat around and watched porn." The groom got very drunk, and "his grandfather was there." The "plot" of the "porn movie" might have involved a bartender giving a groom a tequila body shot and perhaps lots of dancing at a place called the Buddha Bar. It may have also involved chains and bowling balls, but I don't really remember much beyond that. It was a great "porno flick", and I met lots of nice and fun people. There was Bon Jovi, too, so you know that makes it an automatically good night.

I personally will now no longer have peppermint schnapps in anything other than hot chocolate. Taste of toothpaste + (Jager || other hard alcohol) = bad. In this case, a liquid cocaine shot almost did me in, but I persevered and woke up in the morning with a hang over predominantly from not sleeping enough (and not the alcohol). In order to counteract this, I then stayed in bed until about 530pm, at which point, I took a shower (coz, damn...) and went to play world of warcraft, where I got really distracted by backstory writing and didn't contribute much. It kind of makes me sad, because I love my character, but she has no idea what the hell she's supposed to be doing and is now in the Twisting Nether, looking for an old friend.

And today, I've gone to brunch & eaten pancakes, had a corset fitting, and am now at home, debating on the wisdom of things like cleaning my apartment, going to borders and buying season 5 of Buffy, getting food, visiting the grocery store, reading a book, or watching Star Wars (IV-VI) or Rome (season 1).

It is not a bad day to be me.
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People with no idea what to do with a drill or screws or how to attach things to other things really really amuse me.
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Gordon Biersch Pilsner, tequila shot, Jagerbomb x2, vodka shot x3, probably equivalent to one bottle of budlight (WHY do people drink that?!) & large quantities of dancing in 3" heels.

I still owe Chris at least one more tequila shot. Oh well - tequila is drinkable only when salted and limed.

I don't know. )
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I really just said, "I swear, I get most of my best work done lying on my back in my bed," and meant it. We'll just ignore the massive innuendo here and move on rapidly to things involving how much I'd like to be sleeping right now.

It's a really really strong desire, this sleep thing, based on the fact that I got approximately 2 hours of sleep, a 6 hour break, and then an additional 3 hours of sleep. Don't try this at home, kids. Trained professionals only.

People are crazy. Sleep debt is not a new experience, but intentionally accumulating it in order to try new things? Generally not worth it, in my book. But on the other hand, I love my sleep since I get so little of it.

Tequila shots tonight and then possibly WoW, and I'm already cranky from lack of sleep. Should prove... "interesting."
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Things I've learned from Dublin, after two days here:

- It rains. A lot. But only for five minutes at any given time.
- Coats with hoods are American, but hoodies are okay.
- European snacks are much better than American. (I actually knew this one already, but it's so true. Did you know that nutri-grain bars here are actually *tasty*? They come in blackberry-apple, too...)
- The closer you are to the original brewery, the better the Guinness tastes.
- Drinking a "baby Guinness" isn't like having another drink - it's so small, it doesn't count.
- "What's the crack?" shouldn't be answered with "The crack is." Unless you're Ray.
- Telling the taxi driver that you're going to Barrow Street is fine - telling him that you want to go to the cross of Barrow and Gordon will just get you a confused brogue phrase.
- Ironically, Europeans seem to work less but actually work the same or more than Californians. Maybe they're just more efficient. Maybe it's coz of the snacks.
- Inga is so damn American.
- Smarties are just not the same without their little lettered caps. Curse you, unnecessary hexagonal modernity!
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This weekend was just awesome. I mean, whoa, awesome.Cut for length )

Then work this morning, where I have gotten no work done. Ah, well.

ETA: fucking quotation marks.
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10 lessons for life:
1) dance. laugh. relax. life's too short to stress.
2) never put anything in writing you wouldn't want your manager to read
3) just because you think and feel a lot when you write something, it doesn't mean it translates into your words. text is the easiest thing in which to misinterpret tone.
4) know your myths and legends before you build a story around them.
5) tag things. label documents with dates. it makes them easier to find.
6) just because you're older than your friends, it doesn't mean you're any less young.
7) ancient egyptian hieroglyphs are actually pretty cool, even if translating them is only an academic skill.
8) sometimes, even tyrannosaurus rex was afraid.
9) frivolous items aren't frivolous if they make you smile.
10) don't always resist your impulses. sometimes surprises are nice.
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wow, whirlwind insanity of new york. I'm still utterly in love with this city.
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for the first time since moving into this apartment, i made myself an actual meal with actual meat and fresh vegetables, using nothing that was previously frozen, and very few prepackaged things.

I made: a rack of lamb ribs, rubbed with a moroccan lamb rub, consisting of parsley, mint and various spices; moroccan veggie stew, with zucchini, summer squash, carrots, and onions, as well as various spices, raisins and olives; and couscous to go under it. And a little cup of moroccan mint tea.

it took me just over an hour to make, i used all but one of my cooking pots, and my apartment reeks of onions, but DAMN. it was FANTASTIC.

i admittedly did not make baklava for dessert, but i think my land o' lakes cappuchino mix and a mcvitie's digestive biscuit will be sufficient.

Also, the trader joe's / draeger's combination of grocery stores 10 min walk from me is too great. whatever i can't find at TJs, draeger's has, as well as ridiculous amounts of various european food, including munich beer, british smarties (and digestive biscuits), and arabic chocolate.

oh dear lord, that food was good... coma....
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New Year's Resolutions (for now):

1) exercise or do something else where i can't think about work.
2) look forward, not backwards. that way, i see where i'm going, not where i've been.
3) love my friends. appreciate them more. love my family. appreciate them more.
4) commit to work, love, and intelligent curiosities.
5) figure out what i'm doing next year. five years. ten years (actually, that i know - getting engaged, if i'm not already).
6) think about what i say before i say it and how other people will react. react, think, then speak.
7) enjoy life like halcyon and lihiara enjoy theirs.

if i can get half of these done, i will have considered this year to be a success... i didn't make resolutions last year, so i can't grade myself on them.
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today, i am happy about: fortune cookies at p.f. chang's. Admittedly, the food there isn't as good as at Windy's (except for their lettuce cups, which I didn't have), but the cookies inevitably have some pithy comment which is actually relevant to my life. Sometimes, when I need guidance, I go to p.f. chang's for food specifically to read the fortune cookies. as a side note, having conversations about the cosmic relevancy of fortunes from fortune cookies, as well as the demographics likely targeted at various chinese restaurants, is also pretty nifty. Cut for long story about fortune cookies )

today, i am less happy about: the fact that it is THIRTY-SIX degrees here, and it's nearly fifty in MA. WTF, world?

today, I wish that: it were warmer, it were Christmas, that i were home, and that it were breakfast time right now. because i am hungry.
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today, i am happy about: blank journals. they're so full of promise - blank pages, nice, unstretched binding. it's sort of intimidating, because you don't really want to write in them since then they'll be sort of spoiled, but at the same time, you just can't help yourself. Or maybe that's just me. in any case, you always wonder what's going to happen with them. I also got my holiday savings back from borders, which means that i spent just over 300 dollars in books since the rewards program came out. I need a new bookcase.

today, i am less happy about: discovering frost. there was frost on my grass outside my apartment. also, i leave my house when it's dark, and i get home when it's dark. if i fade into a pale version of gollum, somebody shoot me.

today, i wish that: one could embed sound files into printed pages. i know they do this to some extent, but it would be awesome to be able to write down a song quote and then have the music play when you got to that page. i suspect that you could probably make a podcast or the equivalent to an audio book as a soundtrack to when somebody is reading it, but that just doesn't seem the same.
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today, i am happy about: controlled slippage. mike and i went wandering to half moon bay the other week, and found some rather muddy, algae covered stones and kept almost falling down, but not quite. this particular activity became christened controlled slippage, and given how goddamn cold it is here, it serves me very well.

today, i am less happy about: cold, cold, cold, OMG, cold.

today, i wish that: people from Amherst would just move to California because it is warmer there. Much warmer. Also, I am there, and that should be reason enough to move. :)
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today, I am happy about: this poem, even though I think I may be the person sitting in the room, not doing anything, wondering if someone will call. But it's still an awesome poem, and when Neil Gaiman was out this way, he read it - it's one of the few times I've ever understood the reason to have a book signing. Also, I'm going home on the 18th for a week!

today, I am less happy about: the fact that my Google cd case full of awesome CDs has mysteriously gone missing. I also can't remember the last time I saw it. Which means one of two things - I either left it somewhere (and someone has it) or it got stolen (and I'll never see it again! ) Happily, I think most of the stuff in it is replaceable, but I am missing his album, as well as some techno, zero 7, van halen (disc 1 of 2, i think) and ok go. If someone has this case and was wondering who it belonged to, it's mine. Can I have it back, please? At least the CDs -- keep the case for all I care.

today, I wish that: it was Friday already. And that I had some idea of where the hell my cds were. :(
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This weekend went by amazingly quickly.

I discovered:

  • I like Guinness.

  • Abercromie & Fitch occasionally has okay stuff, so long as you don't mind looking like a teenybopper.

  • Finding shoes is a bitch.

  • Programming in Python is also a bitch.

  • Alcohol + club dancing == bad idea. No, really.

  • I became a member of [ profile] gamechronicles and made my first post.

  • I have no hot water. I don't know why.

  • Well, onto finding out what the actual week will bring... beyond baths with water heated on my stove...


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