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When dreaming that you run into a hostile colossal blue dragon, the incorrect thing to do is to say to him, "We just ended session. Could we maybe postpone this fight until next week?"

...chances are, you'll still end up being chased through the sky by a colossal blue dragon with an Energy Substitution feat so he can breathe fire instead of lightning if he wants.
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I had the weirdest dream last night. Further details... )

I'm really not entirely sure where the dream came from - there were some overtones from various conversations I'd had last night, but nothing overt.
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today, i am happy about: well, nothing really. today so far has sucked.

today, i am less happy about: today. petco. being far away. being at work when i need to be somewhere else.

today, i wish that: i had a machine that went *poof* and solved all problems. the problem is that the world would just get unbalanced. there's always two sides to every story, and someone would end up hurt.

i want to go home. right now. beam me up, scotty.
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Time. It plagues all of us. I think someone should invent something which speeds up time when you want it to and slows it down when you want it too. I think, in the grand scheme of things, it would balance out across the way. Of course, regardless, you'd be moving at the same absolute speed, it'd just be different relative velocities.
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When coming to the airport to meet someone, make sure that you know which airline they're flying in on *before* you get to the airport. Otherwise, you get to wander around and talk to completely unhelpful people about when a flight is coming in. It's like, if I wander around to all the terminals, I can figure it out based on originating location and time of arrival, but you can't tell me these things just casually? Where is the database that I know Google could build to easily and quickly index this information.

On the other hand, since we live in an enlightened time and place, they have perfectly adequate wireless for the finding. On the other hand, they also hope to profit from it. But c'est la vie.
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I just made a friends-only post, so if you're not a friend, you can either sign up on LJ (it's free!) or send me an email and I'll send you the post.

I've been having the weirdest dreams where I keep being reminded that I need to call people, and failing to do so. It's odd because I haven't managed to talk to either of these people yet, and I have recurring dreams about them. So clearly I ought to call, but they're not people I'm particularly close to (anymore), so it's kind of awkward...

And my headphones finally died, which is a real pity since Schandmaul is quite good to listen to while jogging, working, sitting on the bus, being unhappy, being happy, and generally playing computer games.

In other news, Arabic class is awesome, and I'm thinking about picking up various different languages, but it's sort of hard without someone to actually speak them with me. Luckily, there's a guy here who speaks some arabic, so we're keeping each other on point with our bastard arabic.

I also love Excel. Excel is my master. VLOOKUP for t3h w1n!

Wow, I finally remembered my icq password.. took me long enough.

And then there's the whole 15 minute lunch, consisting of sushi and Ho-Hos.
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I seriously can't decide whether I want to move to Sweden for the popular radio stations or Death Valley for the weather....
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Today has been totally confusing. Well, okay, not so much with the confusion as high in wtf-quotient and semi-lost 'well, huh.'

- Last night, around midnight (which is why it's still considered part of today), I came home to find my clock blinking 1:29 at me. Apparently, while I had been out, the power had gone away for a few hours and had only recently came back on. This is odd only because I live in Menlo Park, where it is so yuppie that the power going out rarely happens. But, nevertheless, I went to bed and had dreams of amorphous bizarreness.

- I woke up this morning to the sound of pouring rain. Made my way to the caltrain and was, as max put it, fracking soaked, and yes, I mean fracking. Six minutes later, several miles south, I was in Mountain View, where the sun was shining and the birds were chirping merrily. And so I went to work, completely drenched, and everyone looked at me as if I had taken my shower with my clothes on because my coworkers were completely dry. It's like I had my own personal rain cloud or something, invisible to everyone else.

- Work was unexceptional, except for a rather odd conversation wherein someone tried to convince me that I owed it to them to take them out to celebrate the fact that he recently became a fulltime employee. The conversation ran something to the effect of 'I'm leaving at 4 precisely unless you're willing to go out for a celebratory dinner.' 'But I'm broke, and going out for a dinner to celebrate your promotion where you ended up paying wouldn't be much of a celebratory dinner.' 'Ah, yes, I see.' An hour later, at 5pm, 'Well, I've waited around this long, so are you ready to go?' ' I said I was *broke*. No money.' (Did he miss this somewhere earlier when I said I was broke?) 'Oh, well, I'm so glad I waited around for you then.' 'I was under this impression that if I didn't agree to go to dinner, you'd split.' And now he's not talking to me...

- I came home, interested in a little dinner involving meat. I went to my fridge, opened it, and noticed a rather odd smell, like leftover Chinese. 'That's odd, I don't remember taking home any Chinese food any time recently.' And there it was, a bag full of left over Chinese food, sitting there as if it had always been there. I opened it. It had tofu in sauce. Of all the things in the world I will not order an entire dish of, tofu is definitely one of them. This was *not* my Chinese food...but it was in my fridge. And I have no idea where it came from or when it showed up. But it looked rather old, so it got tossed. Apologies if anyone wanted it back...

- I can hardly wait to see what happens later tonight. Maybe pigs will fly through my window.


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