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Yes, it's true. Ordering a decaf nonfat latte does make me feel like a bit of a dork, but you know what? It still tastes good without the anxiety-inducing effects of the caffeine, so whatever.
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yes, i know it's corporate, but it's kind of cute.
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In New York. Really tired.

Thing I'm happy about: It's not as cold here as I feared it would be.
Thing I'm less happy about: I'm ridiculously tired at this point, given the red eye with ridiculous turbulence. Even if you're in first class, turbulence will wake you up and/or keep you from sleeping.
Thing I'm working on: working up the motivation to go make myself coffee.
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So I got to ride in a Z at over 120 mph. Thoughts:

Car pretty. Goes fast. Sounds loud. I'm gonna die. Do it again?

I'm definitely in need of some crazy in my life - right now, it's all contained within me, and that's a bad way to be. I need a car, so I can go drive to the beach at midnight, look up at the moon, and get arrested by cops.

Maybe not the latter.

It's almost Friday - this weekend came quickly. Amazingly, the caffeine detox is going relatively well. I have SO MUCH ENERGY, holy crap, I cannot express this to you. Sadly, still suffering from a headache, but don't worry, Rico Suave is there to save me.

Inspired by watching:

I've also since decided that this is an "I ate toast and got angsty about it" blog, not just the run of the mill "I ate toast this morning" blog. I can't decide whether toast with angst is better than toast without.
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I have a new adventure. It's called quitting caffeine. It hurts. A lot.

Next adventure: quitting painkillers that I am taking to deal with the caffeine whiplash.


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