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Happy birthday, [ profile] olivia_circe!
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The cake may be a lie, but it's damn awesome:

Also, happy birthday [ profile] joie_de_livre, who is one of the most awesome (and sexy) librarians EVAR!!!
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also, on a happier note, happy birthday [ profile] liberateanimum!!!

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Happy birthday [ profile] alemara! Hope things are well out there in Pennsylvania...

Ah, sun, you look so pretty through the windows of my meeting room.
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happy birthday [ profile] ysadrel and [ profile] semer!!!!
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happy birthday [ profile] flyakate!!! :)
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Happy birthday, me.

I've been staring at this blank entry for about fifteen minutes and i still have no idea what to write. I'm back in the bay area, if it matters, and i haven't made any new year's resolutions. I'm going to a wedding tonight in Piedmont. And my fishtank looks a little forlorn.

Other than that, I really desperately truly need to clean my apartment.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] avalonxq! (Thought I'd forget, but no, through the power of Facebook...)
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Hello, world. I am a bad person. Twice in a row now, I've forgotten people's birthdays.

Happy Birthday, Kevin! (2 days late)
Happy Birthday, Sam! (1 day late)
Happy Birthday, Spencer! (1 day early)

That may cover me until next week.

Also, whose bright idea was the rain?
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Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to the Land of Expectations, to the Land of Expectations, to the Land of Expectation. A Joyous and Happy Birthday to Dobromir, who occasionally reads this. May the monkeys not eat you and may you get that trip to Hawaii you were hoping for.

In other news! I am going up to the city today to go on a used bookstore crawl. Can anyone say "DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER?!" For truly it is said: "Lead me not into temptation, for I can find it myself in much less time." But that is okay! After the book crawl, I will have dinner, for truly it is said: "The hungry person makes bad decisions and gets drunk quicker on alcohol." And then there will be pre-gaming, which is not actually gaming in the sense of gaming, but more in the sense of drinking games gaming, which is less interesting to most of my flist. I plan on drinking mixers only and being laughed at by a 21 year old with a blonde afro. There may be some tequila shots involved perhaps when the party actually gets started, but I am on a mission to get myself back to the Penninsula by the end of the night.

Thing that I am happy about: BOOKSTORE!! Actually, I'm really psyched about this -- no one's ever told me that I'm allowed to go into lots and lots of bookstores, so yes. This is good, although by the end of the day, my apartment may collapse under the weight of all the paper that I'm bringing into it.
Thing that I am less happy about: Tomorrow is a work day. Yes, I know it's Sunday, but when something needs to get done by Monday morning at 9am and working until 8pm on Friday wasn't enough to get it done? The weekend must be partially sacrificed.
Thing that I am working on: Cleaning my apartment. Right now? It's taken me forever to find my wallet. Things like that are bad.
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Halloween was less Halloweeny than ever this year. I think I'm getting too old.

I have new shoes. They're flat. I may need to start buying shorter jeans, since even the regular length jeans seem to be ridiculously long.

Tomorrow is the first day of November, and then several people have birthdays. Whoo birthdays. They're all older than me, so I'm happy about it. :)

It's been a sucky week, and it's only Wednesday. I can only imagine what Thursday and Friday have left to throw onto my plate.

Onwards to a new month, a new outlook, and several weeks of busy-ness.
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Happy birthday, Ryan!! Hope the day stays cloudy and grey...
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Today is Lesley's birthday! Happy birthday, Lesley! Now you're as old as I am. :)
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Happy birthday [ profile] ysadrel and [ profile] semer!

Also, belated happy birthday [ profile] flyakate, whose birthday I remembered but refused to acknowledge because I hate using my computer on weekends...

Many happy returns, and may you never grow out of children's books. Any of you.
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Starting as of yesterday, I can now count my age in quarter-centuries, as follows:

I am 1 quarter-century old.

More people than I expected remembered my birthday, considering I had taken it off of facebook (it's back up now) and made no noise about it this year. I figure turning 25 is noise enough. Gah, I'm so OLD.

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Merry Christmas, a few days late. Also, happy belated birthday to [ profile] capedcrusader92, who has the same birthday as my mother - ie, Christmas eve.

Christmas was a rather muted affair this year - my brother and his girlfriend went to Alabama to visit her side of the family, so we had to mail them their presents. It was weird to mail presents, since that meant that I had to wrap stuff before Christmas eve, which (due to my procrastinatory nature) never happens. Kind of sad, really - I found a neat present for him, and then proceeded to forget to mail it. So he'll get it next year, which is okay, but it's really cute. Anyway, we also didn't go to Ohio, which faithful readers will know is our usual thing. Our dog Larry has diabetes and is getting old, so we didn't really want to risk his life to go visit Grandma for Christmas...

But that was okay. We had Christmas eve dinner here, and roast beef with Yorkshire pudding (apparently a collapsed form of popovers), and Mom's birthday, with a hastily made cake. Then, presents the following morning. Then, we drove to Acworth, NH (there's nothing there, so don't feel bad if you haven't heard of it) to visit my aunt, uncle, cousin, and their three dogs and to have Christmas day dinner. We had turkey and stuffing, and Latvian kringel and cranberry pudding with a name that I couldn't pronounce if you paid me to, much less spell. (I take it back, it's apparently called "debess manna". In Google we trust...) Anyway, the whole meal was really good.

So it was just me and the parents and the dogs with my Christmas tree and ornaments from college (which isn't all that pathetic, considering the tree is 6' and has lots of ornaments), and it was nice and chill. I got a few neat things, including the first two seasons of Buffy (because I'm tired of borrowing it from people), the first season of Rome, ridiculously awesome socks, the collected comics of Tove Jansson's Moomins, a small and svelte digital camera, a couple of books, POTC2. Also a fantastic dragon scroll and black coat from my aunt and uncle.

Now, three days of work, and then the weekend and New Year's, and then I get to fly back to California.
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Happy birthday to [ profile] spamchang!

Hopefully, there are many presents in your future.
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Happy December 1! Happy Birthday to my cousin Jacob!

Whoo-hoo! Christmas is only 25 days away.
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happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear [ profile] kumquat_queen
happy birthday to you!

(and many more...)
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Also, I completely forgot to mention the fucking amazingly awesome time I had at the bon jovi concert on monday, where I had floor seats, and bought a t-shirt, and it was TOTALLY cool, coz....(dramatic pause)...

...I got to touch bon jovi!! And it was awesome.

Thank you, Lou. You rock my world. Literally. ;)

Oh, and happy March everybody.


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