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I am cold and tired and stressed out. On the upside (yes, really), my hips hurt. Too much to do, too little time to do it in.
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Thing I am happy about: This is the most brilliant video ever. Seriously.
Thing I am less happy about: I'm tired. Because I'm tired, I'm distracted. Because I'm distracted, I'm not doing any work.
Thing I am working on: Maintaining an even keel, and hoping that the pancakes I made this morning won't make me sick.
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So just ignore the last entry. Today, I definitely rolled out of bed, took a ten minute shower, threw on jeans and the first sweater I grabbed, and ran out the door, slightly late. We went bowling last night and I slept badly, so go figure. Also, it was not sunny yesterday, although it was definitely not cold, and today it is supposed to rain. So that just goes to show you that things are not always as you expect them to be.

[ETA: which is not to say, by the way, that I'm no longer in love with this city. I am still very much enjoying my time in New York. Just all the expectations of yesterday kind of fell apart, although I did manage to schedule meetings with people...]

Thing I am happy about: Having dinner with my awesome brother at someplace other than Joe's House of All Things Peanut
Thing I am less happy about: Excel sheets full of sites I was supposed to look at yesterday but didn't because I was asleep.
Thing I am working on: I should really do that whole "get more sleep" thing.
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I was very unmotivated yesterday -- I think the rain dampened my spirits. Whatever the case, I ended up spending ~90% of the day in my apartment, alternately watching Deep Space 9 Season 1, reading a book, and staring at various lyrics online. I didn't actually leave the house until 10pm, when I was invited to go play board games at Green & Brown's, so I went over and we played Monopoly. I know, group of 5 gamers, and we decide to play Monopoly! Weird. In all fairness, there was a tiebreaker between Monopoly and Apples to Apples. No one had played Monopoly in a really long time, so it was kind of fun...

I honestly can't remember the last time I played Monopoly. I feel like it must have been sometime during freshman year of college or the summer after, but I can only remember playing Monopoly in Saudi with Kati. We'd eat cheese puff balls, read Calvin and Hobbes, and play epic games of Monopoly. I used to always play with the horse and cowboy when I was little, so that was my piece of choice. Anyway, David took an early lead, but by the end of it, I had rent immunity on enough properties and had enough well placed properties of my own that I ended up with total assets of over $16,000. Which is a lot of money in Monopoly, but not as much in real life. I doubt somehow I'd be able to build a house for $50, even if it were on Connecticut Ave. In any case, the game was relatively short (aka, 3 hours) since David and I decided not to duke it out after the other three players went bankrupt, but then there was some Smash and I didn't get home until 330am.

I love watching Smash. I have no idea why. I don't really have any interest in playing it, but it's fun to watch. This is odd, since I didn't play any of the games that the characters are from, so I'm constantly asking, "Who's that? What's that stage from?" Anyway, it reminds me of my last year at Stanford and going over to EAST and hanging out with various people in the lounge playing Smash. I don't really miss being in college, but I really miss having the ability to be online at 3am and find someone else to hang out with who's a five minute walk away. And how large group things just kind of materialized of their own accord -- now it's all about the planning. Ah, we could go here, we could do this, etc etc. Which reminds me, I should try and organize a Girls' Day with the few in-the-area girls and go up to the city or down to Santa Cruz or something.

Thing I'm happy about: sleeping in until 1145. Sleep is fantastic. Also, digestive biscuits with nutella are AWESOME for breakfast.
Thing I'm less happy about: This cold. It was supposed to clear up rapidly, but it seems to be hanging on a week later.
Thing I'm working on: Errands and packing. I'm going to NYC tomorrow night for a week...
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Happy November 1! It's the beginning of NaNoWriMo (for more, go to! It's the beginning of the end of the quarter! As I keep mentioning, for the last two Novembers, I've written things that I am happy about as a way to increase my overall happiness.

Well. Lately, I've been rather unhappy. October was going so well and then it basically all fell apart. My job isn't quite where I want it to be, my love life is confused and angsty (but not good angst -- I'd be okay with good angst), I'm not sleeping well (again, even though I'm not drinking much caffeine), and it's getting colder.

On the flipside, my pilot light has stayed lit for a while, and my fish are good (thanks for asking). You may remember back at the beginning of the month, I said my fish were sick and likely to die ( Well, I was wrong. Really wrong. Pluto recovered. While Pluto was suffering from what I now believe is body fungus, Earth developed ridiculous mouth fungus, but recovered. Usually, when fish get mouth fungus badly enough that bits of their body start rotting off, they die within a matter of days. But, no, Earth used the heater to try and restrain the infection, and eventually I got my stuff in gear, cleaned the tank, and added salt, which fixed a lot of the issues. So, now everyone seems to be fine. I went over to Michelle's the other day and visited their father and sister, both of whom are much bigger than my guys are. I may need to get a bigger tank.

Thing I am happy about: talking to Ryan again. I determined that deliberately ignoring a problem actually makes it worse and more consuming because you feel guilty when you start thinking about it.
Thing I am less happy about: my smoke detector. It has developed a rather annoying habit of beeping at me at 3 in the morning. I believe that it needs its batteries changed.
Thing that I am working on: finding (appropriate) humor in situations.
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12 hours of sleep later, I no longer feel like the walking dead.

I still haven't made the effort to post my pictures from Yosemite online. When I do, I'll make sure to share them with you all. Also, I'll probably write more about it too.

And now, to class (Python, in this case).
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There was a wedding (congratulations to Nancy and Albert!!) and hanging out with gamers and making pizza in the city and getting hit on by a 21 year old and sleeping on a loveseat and more hanging out with gamers and end of World of Warcraft tabletop and pretty views of the Bay late late at night and tapping a deer while driving back from said pretty views. End of weekend.

I'm endeavoring to make this weekend as much fun, though the only concrete plan I have is homework. This is midly terrifying -- I have homework, and it may not be simple. I'm taking two classes (with a third starting in November). The first one is a marketing class taught according to a curriculum at the Haas MBA school at Berkeley. The second is an intro to Java class at Stanford. The third is (what else?) New Kingdom Egypt literature, also at Stanford. So, Mondays and Tuesdays (and eventually Thursdays) will be bad for me trying to do anything. Which is why I went to see a movie at 10pm last night. Never mind my propensity for staying up late in general anyway.

Ironically, I'm more awake after a week of not drinking caffeine (minus a small incident where I forgot that Dr Pepper contains caffeine and drank a full glass of it before being rather embarrassed) and sleeping too little than I have been when I used to drink lots of coffee and sleep too much. I'm wondering if the caffeine had some weird interaction with my body chemistry that didn't used to exist. Slowing metabolism? Who knows. In any case, I may just have to give up caffeine permanently, as much as I love coffee and tea. It also probably helps that Lou is staying in my apartment -- there's no way in hell *anyone* who broke in would get close enough to hurt me with Lou around. Probably this certainty is making me sleep better. Who knows?

I'm REI-bound in the next week or so. I'm likely going camping/hiking/somethingorother in Yosemite in a couple of weeks for a weekend. I'm terribly excited -- I miss being outdoors. And drinking tea (caffeinated or otherwise) in slightly cold weather. I'll never admit to sometimes liking being cold, but sometimes it's kind of nice, despite how much I'll complain about it.

I need to write a snippet, but I'm having problems thinking of something to write about. I write so much in my livejournal and was planning a DnD campaign for 6 months that I've kind of forgotten how to write about something that isn't terribly concrete. I really want to go home and sit in some crunchy leaves and write about being in Massachusetts sitting in a pile of crunchy leaves, but it's a long trip to write a snippet. I'm sure I'll think of something - suggestions are welcome, fiction & non-fiction alike.

Now I have Dido's "White Flag" stuck in my head. Have a video:
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I went to Dobromir's bachelor party on Saturday (it made sense for me to be there - there were about twice as many girls as guys). We "sat around and watched porn." The groom got very drunk, and "his grandfather was there." The "plot" of the "porn movie" might have involved a bartender giving a groom a tequila body shot and perhaps lots of dancing at a place called the Buddha Bar. It may have also involved chains and bowling balls, but I don't really remember much beyond that. It was a great "porno flick", and I met lots of nice and fun people. There was Bon Jovi, too, so you know that makes it an automatically good night.

I personally will now no longer have peppermint schnapps in anything other than hot chocolate. Taste of toothpaste + (Jager || other hard alcohol) = bad. In this case, a liquid cocaine shot almost did me in, but I persevered and woke up in the morning with a hang over predominantly from not sleeping enough (and not the alcohol). In order to counteract this, I then stayed in bed until about 530pm, at which point, I took a shower (coz, damn...) and went to play world of warcraft, where I got really distracted by backstory writing and didn't contribute much. It kind of makes me sad, because I love my character, but she has no idea what the hell she's supposed to be doing and is now in the Twisting Nether, looking for an old friend.

And today, I've gone to brunch & eaten pancakes, had a corset fitting, and am now at home, debating on the wisdom of things like cleaning my apartment, going to borders and buying season 5 of Buffy, getting food, visiting the grocery store, reading a book, or watching Star Wars (IV-VI) or Rome (season 1).

It is not a bad day to be me.
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I really need to start eating healthier. Exercise probably wouldn't hurt either.

Yesterday was a day dominated by donut consumption, as well as some ice cream, and today... I think I ate 6 or 7 cheesecake brownies. This is not what we call a balanced diet, by any stretch of the imagination.

So, starting today, I'm going to keep a running list of things that I've eaten today. Somewhere.

In other news, not much is going on. I'm kind of happy at the world, but kind of sad at the same itme. Kim and Corinne are fully moved back to the East Coast, and I hear rumors that they're much happier there - sad to say, but good for them.

There are a couple of puppies that keep getting brought into work. One is a rescue dog from Taiwan with German Shepard coloring named Joey; the other is a Shiba Inu named Tiger. They're really cute. It's awesome because then I can get my nose licked by puppies!!!!!! I totally need a dog.

[ profile] liberateanimum has cats now. This makes Dnd rather sneezy. They're kind of cute, but I'm pretty much not a cat person. I need to get a new place so that I can get a puppy. Okay, actually, I need to get a car, a new place, a stable career, some additional cash float, and THEN I can get a puppy. ...sheesh. :(

Right, it's way past my bedtime. May the Sandman make your dreams sweet and allow you to wake refreshed.
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I really just said, "I swear, I get most of my best work done lying on my back in my bed," and meant it. We'll just ignore the massive innuendo here and move on rapidly to things involving how much I'd like to be sleeping right now.

It's a really really strong desire, this sleep thing, based on the fact that I got approximately 2 hours of sleep, a 6 hour break, and then an additional 3 hours of sleep. Don't try this at home, kids. Trained professionals only.

People are crazy. Sleep debt is not a new experience, but intentionally accumulating it in order to try new things? Generally not worth it, in my book. But on the other hand, I love my sleep since I get so little of it.

Tequila shots tonight and then possibly WoW, and I'm already cranky from lack of sleep. Should prove... "interesting."
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Waffles are good for breakfast, especially served with blueberries and heated maple syrup. I may need to find a waffle iron to make these. And a mixer. And possibly some more bowls. And perhaps a way to ensure that I always have non-expired milk, eggs, flour, baking soda, etc. in my apartment.

Okay, that sounds like far too much work. I may just have to continue to steal them from people.

Also, I probably should purchase a new mattress. My current one is one of those cheap ones from Ikea, and I'm not sure it's actually doing much for me. On the other hand, I did wake up this morning with new and exciting back stiffness, which just goes to show that I can still apparently sleep differently enough to cause weird contortions.

And finally, I'm going to go shopping for shoes and jeans because I apparently need new clothing. Or something.
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i am happy it is friday. i can go home in 3 hours and sleep and that will be good.

...still jetlagged...
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epic v is sucking the life out of me. i think i may fall over and collapse sometime soon. it'd be better if i didn't have to get up so damn early in the morning.


ETA: Which, by the way, is not to say that the GMs aren't doing their job, or that curfews aren't happening or anything. I'm often tired, and it's just making it slightly worse.
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today, i am happy about: livejournal. while it's a ridiculous medium, it allows me to stay in touch with many people that i've known from before and from now. without it, i don't think i would be, and that would be sad, because my entire flist is awesome. coincidentally, occasionally entries spark people to call me whom i haven't heard in ages. and occasionally, entries spark me to call these same types of people.

today, i am less happy about: my dependence on sleep - i got sleep last night and failed to do work, which means that I'm screwed for the rest of the day. and not in a good way either. it'll be okay, i'll make some stuff up and then present them.

today, i wish that: it was Friday. Is anyone surprised by this wish? Oh, and that I was packed, but I'll probably be throwing clothes into a bag last minute, as always.... Actually, I could probably just show up with my computer and bag and be perfectly set to get on an airplane. The joys of going home - i have 3 million tshirts and enough sweatshirts to clothe a small army.
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today, I am happy about: the extra half hour of sleep that I took in order to not show up to work feeling dead.

today, I am less happy about: my headache, which I'm pretty sure is caused by tension. also the fact that my bed is sadly empty.

today, I wish that: it wasn't friday, the TENTH. It should be Friday the SEVENTEETH, so i can go on vacation.

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happy talk like a pirate day. at work, someone has projected a very large, very awesome image with johnny depp as captain jack sparrow, and the phrase "avast, ye landlubbers - all yer questions must be arsked like a pirate or ye'll receive no answers. yar!" plus, all the menus today are written in pirate-speak..

in other news, boy left. and i was sad. and very tired. am now at work being sad, but i have a fenris wolf lego set to build at lunch to make me happy? or something.

so frikkin' tired, so much work to do, and i'm picking my job up at the library and taking some ridiculous amount of classes.

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last night, i spent the entire night awake, convinced that someone was either in my house or going to break in. so i couldn't go to sleep in case they attacked me - if i was awake, i'd have the element of surprise, right? so i spent LITERALLY the ENTIRE night panicstricken, trying not to jump at odd noises or move any more than is normal for a person asleep (which translated to "not at all") until 530am, when the sun came out. and when the sun comes out, then nothing bad can happen, so i could sleep...which was great, except that i have to get up at 6am to get to work on time. (btw, [ profile] avalonxq, if i'm getting up at 615ish to get to work by 715, and i have to rely to public transportation, you clearly got up about an hour early than you needed - but better safe than sorry. )

i totally need sleep. like dear GOD, sleep.
prismakaos: (Default) it is, 208am, and i am.. coding.

while (time != 6am){
   DesignWebsite(Inga, pages);
   LearnPHP(Inga, books, internet);
   Write (Inga, pages, PHP);
   LearnOtherStuff (Inga, HTML, Javascript, MySQL);
   Write (Inga, pages, OtherStuff);

   if (timeleft !=0){ Sleep (Inga, timeleft);}

muguu...sleep is for the weary.
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happy thought for the day: waking up at 7am and realizing you don't have to be up for a few more hours. so you turn your back to the light streaming in your window, snuggle deeper into the covers, and relax.

i think, in general, being relaxed is at once the most elusive and the best feeling of all time.
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I support this fully :

Beyond that, I'm really tired (although not as bad as i was when i was actually attending school here). And cold.


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