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Thing I am happy about: today's been sort of a non-day. I haven't really done much, don't really plan on doing much, and generally feel like I might have accomplished more had I stayed in bed.
Thing I am less happy about: Again, with the non-day, I'm not really unhappy about anything either.
Thing I'm working on: doing work. Yeah, yeah, I'll get to it eventually. :P
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I didn't really remember to post yesterday, so I'm backdating this entry. This might be because I got up, I went to work, I went home and went to bed. At six pm. Boy, I have an exciting life. Admittedly, this is coz I was still slightly sick, but so it goes. I feel a lot better today. Er, tomorrow. Whatever.

Anyway, it was a rather inauspicious day (or sarcastically auspicious, either way). I left the house without my glasses, had to go back and get them; nearly missed my train; fell asleep on the train and nearly missed my stop; discovered that the plane tickets I'd bought to NYC were wrong so I had to change them; and I was still sick. All in all, I could have done without the additional stress.

Thing I am happy about: Normalization of drama. This means, in short, that all-consuming emotional things are starting to settle out one way or another.
Thing I am less happy about: The price of tickets at Thanksgiving. While it is 150 dollars cheaper to fly from MA to CA than from CA to MA on the same days, it is still too expensive for Jeremy to come out and visit me.
Thing I am working on: Getting less sick. This one was obvious.
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In other news, I really love the smell of wool.
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There are no words. I want to go to this guy's school and write a thesis on robot-love.
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This entry consists of hastily-written bad love poetry, as written by Vanya Firesinger to Iveran Nightwing. For more context, this is from the WoW campaign that Sarah was running (f-locked wherein my character (night elf tinker named Vanya Firesinger, abused as a child, given over to the Cult of the Damned, and generally crazy) fell in (lust|love|obsession) with Iveran Nightwing (a druid working for a different evil cult, who had a propensity for turning into a raven and being generally snarky, but couldn't hold his alcohol). After failing to complete her ultimate goal, she went back to work as a tinker for the Cult, and sent him bad and somewhat creepy love poetry. See below. )
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In honor of Talk Like A Pirate Day:

In other news, I got pwned at pool last night. It was awesome, since I was actually playing okay, so it was a good challenge. He threw the last game, though, and let me win. Either that, or he was coming off of a caffeine high and I was coming onto a sugar high.

It worries me that some people have said that I'm a total basket case. I know I'm a little spastic, but I didn't think that I was this bad. I used to be all quiet and serious.

I'm so tired, it's only Wednesday, and I'm going up to the city tonight to see Air in concert. Should be a good time, although I don't know how much sleep I'll acquire.

There will be a computer in my apartment soon. It will be amusing, since, um, where the hell am I going to put it?
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I love my fishies. They are cool, and try to eat my hand when I'm picking snails out of the tank, which really freaks me out to the point of me shrieking at them. I honestly believe that the snails think that I'm runing a den of iniquity just for them, since they keep breeding. Today's snail count that i pulled out of my tank was upwards of 50. One tank really doesn't need this many snails.

On the other hand, it's kind of good, since they're a "canary" for knowing when I should change my filter. The worse off my filter is, the more algae there is in the tank. The more algae there is in the tank, the more visible snails there are. As a result, the more snails I see, the more I need to change my filter.

I did a 50% water change today, which went a lot more smoothly than the last time I did it. I didn't actually have any help this time, so I feel all accomplished and everything. I tried scrubbing down the things in my tank, but it didn't seem to make much of a difference, so I just ran them under hot water.

The three males in my tank have very distinctive personalities. First, there's Mars, who's the dominant male. He's biggest, and his tact towards the females is to chase them around the tank, demonstrating how much prettier his dorsal fin is. It reminds me very much of Ares' posturing in the Greek Mythos, especially when he's morphed into his Roman equivalent and has the centurion ruff.

Jupiter is a little smaller, and he has stripes on his tail. Originally, when he was silver and black spotted, he had an enormous black spot on him - something like the Great Red Spot, but black - hence the name. Since then, he's turned black. (Actually, all the males went from being silver to turning completely black. Go figure.) His tact with females is to stalk them and then launch himself on them when they least expect it. Watching him stalk has got to be one of the funniest things to see. He listerally *lurks*. Again, going back to the Greek/Roman roots, where Zeus used to trick females into sleeping with him. Jupiter is a lot more devious than Mars, but seems to get lucky less often.

Pluto's a different case altogether. He's definitely the smallest and until recently, seemed to have no interest in any of the other fish. I joked that he was waiting for his Persephone. Anyway, now he's halfheartedly going after the females, but he seems a lot more concerned about his territory, and will often attach Mars and Jupiter if they get too close to him. Linking it to mythology is a bit of a stretch, but Hades used to be very concerned with his Underworld, and rarely let anything out of his realm. I keep hoping he'll end up with Alpha Centauri, who's the smallest and (I think) prettiest girl in the tank. She's all silver and light and quite small.

I still can't separate out many of the females. For a while, I knew who Alpha Centauri, Venus, Earth, and Saturn were, but I think I've confused them again. It's difficult because their size, stripes, and spots keep changing on me. I have no idea what happened to Saturn, since the distinctive tail stripe has disappeared. I can recognize Alpha Centauri, because she's so different, and Venus half the time. I've christened one Earth, who has a continent shaped splotch on her side, but I don't know how long that's going to stick around. I also kind of think she used to be named Saturn.

Anyway, I have pictures on my camera of my tank, so eventually, I'll post them. When I get around to it. I'm really bad with this whole posting pictures thing.

My plan this weekend was to clean my apartment and Get Organized. I even had a thought of taking a "before" picture and then an "after" picture and posting them here. Unsurprisingly, this didn't really happen much. I did spend about 4 hours on Saturday going through old mail and separating out Important Things from Bills and then putting them into a file box. So, now I have an empty box (because I'd been stashing my mail there) and a paper bag full of old envelopes. Dear god, so much paper everywhere. I have Thoughts on how to reorganize my entire apartment, especially given the lack of media storage solutions I have right now.

I also really want a pycnopodia. Hand Cthulu (or Deep One spawn) for the win.

Motto for the Snail Den of Iniquity: We do it slowly.
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I am a teaspoon. Wheeeee!
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Gordon Biersch Pilsner, tequila shot, Jagerbomb x2, vodka shot x3, probably equivalent to one bottle of budlight (WHY do people drink that?!) & large quantities of dancing in 3" heels.

I still owe Chris at least one more tequila shot. Oh well - tequila is drinkable only when salted and limed.

I don't know. )
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The first, for context:

The second, for hilarity:

Hi Manu!! Hope things are well in Germany! :)
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best thing of the day:
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liberateanimum: Welcome to larp! )

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liberateanimum: beee-oop!

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god, i love germany SO much, you have no idea. if i could move anywhere in the world, it'd probably be germany. like seriously.

while this isn't the reason, it's pretty funny.

germany also has good music, stories, and goth culture.
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Today has been totally confusing. Well, okay, not so much with the confusion as high in wtf-quotient and semi-lost 'well, huh.'

- Last night, around midnight (which is why it's still considered part of today), I came home to find my clock blinking 1:29 at me. Apparently, while I had been out, the power had gone away for a few hours and had only recently came back on. This is odd only because I live in Menlo Park, where it is so yuppie that the power going out rarely happens. But, nevertheless, I went to bed and had dreams of amorphous bizarreness.

- I woke up this morning to the sound of pouring rain. Made my way to the caltrain and was, as max put it, fracking soaked, and yes, I mean fracking. Six minutes later, several miles south, I was in Mountain View, where the sun was shining and the birds were chirping merrily. And so I went to work, completely drenched, and everyone looked at me as if I had taken my shower with my clothes on because my coworkers were completely dry. It's like I had my own personal rain cloud or something, invisible to everyone else.

- Work was unexceptional, except for a rather odd conversation wherein someone tried to convince me that I owed it to them to take them out to celebrate the fact that he recently became a fulltime employee. The conversation ran something to the effect of 'I'm leaving at 4 precisely unless you're willing to go out for a celebratory dinner.' 'But I'm broke, and going out for a dinner to celebrate your promotion where you ended up paying wouldn't be much of a celebratory dinner.' 'Ah, yes, I see.' An hour later, at 5pm, 'Well, I've waited around this long, so are you ready to go?' ' I said I was *broke*. No money.' (Did he miss this somewhere earlier when I said I was broke?) 'Oh, well, I'm so glad I waited around for you then.' 'I was under this impression that if I didn't agree to go to dinner, you'd split.' And now he's not talking to me...

- I came home, interested in a little dinner involving meat. I went to my fridge, opened it, and noticed a rather odd smell, like leftover Chinese. 'That's odd, I don't remember taking home any Chinese food any time recently.' And there it was, a bag full of left over Chinese food, sitting there as if it had always been there. I opened it. It had tofu in sauce. Of all the things in the world I will not order an entire dish of, tofu is definitely one of them. This was *not* my Chinese food...but it was in my fridge. And I have no idea where it came from or when it showed up. But it looked rather old, so it got tossed. Apologies if anyone wanted it back...

- I can hardly wait to see what happens later tonight. Maybe pigs will fly through my window.
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here it is, a blast from the past, tips for Valentine's day from long ago:

it's that time of year again; the time of year that taken males and single females hate. that's right, it's almost valentine's day. Well, not for another whole week, but when you walk through the grocery store and are immediately greated by giant red/pink/white displays of chocolate, roses, can you not stop and think to yourself, "god, this is worse than christmas"? remember, guys, there are worse days to show your affection for a romantically attractive human. like the day of their grandmother's funeral.

-if you give a girl roses, do not give her eleven. she will wonder where the other one went.
-stuffed animals that scream "love me tender" are not cute. no matter what.
-check that she even likes chocolate before splurging on a box of godiva. you *were* going to splurge, weren't you?
-learn to differentiate between 'coral' and 'pink' roses and 'red' and 'dark red' roses. pink is not acceptable under any circumstances, and red is only partially acceptable (due to the cliches surrounding it). if you think red roses are too forward, try traditional white.
-flowers other than roses are okay, with the exception of carnations, since carnations are considered the cheap imitation of roses. unless she *likes* carnations.
-giving a girl clothing is not a good idea under all but the tiniest of circumstances. don't risk getting killed. gift cards are more acceptable but still carry massive risks.
-dinner is a cliched but decent idea; make reservations weeks in advance, since everyone will have your same brilliant idea.
-sweet handwritten notes are fabulous...unless they're stalkerish scary
-good surprises are good...
-extravagant gifts are generally bad...don't spend more than your college tuition.
-in our fantasy world, guys sing songs to the girl; this is not a viable option unless other people think your voice is decent. if so, selections such as "lady luck" "fly me to the moon" and other sinatra favorites are generally good. stuff like "closer" by nin is not a good idea. think soul singers.
-stubble burn SUCKS. consider shaving right before you see your girl. if you don't, it's very possible you may only get a half-hearted peck on the cheek for all your efforts...and that would just be a shame.
-flowers should only be bought "just because." don't try to sell yourself, she won't buy it.
-avoid commercialism altogether...just make your gifts and get everything right. make sure you start weeks in advance.

and now, the phrase of the day, brought to you by brach's sweethearts: "kiss me"
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"The only one exempt for such rules is the cat which exempts itself from all rules as it thuroughly believe it is the center of the univers. On that note I am not sure how I feel about waking up and finding the center of the universe was sleeping between my legs." (

that's brilliant.
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dear pho hoa,

i seriously think you should consider starting a pho restaurant in downtown amherst. i think many students would go to it. i, for one, find myself craving pho at odd times of night, due to my exposure to your delectable soup in california. please send pho as soon as you can.

thank you,

ps. it is really cold here. pho makes cold people be warm.


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