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So after almost collapsing in my shower, I decided to spend the day at home yesterday. I hate being sick.

Also, my last fish died. Time to scrap the tank, I think.

At least I'm feeling better this morning and can actually eat non-mush food.
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Working in New York is always odd. I wear heels and dress pants and nice sweaters, and get up half an hour earlier than I would normally just so I can look prettier/my hair can dry. This is kind of different than my rolling out of bed, taking a shower, throwing on a pair of jeans and whatever tshirt I happen to grab from my closet, grabbing a jacket and running out of my door. I'm not sure which one I prefer more. On the one hand, additional sleep; on the other, putting on some dressy clothes makes that whole work-life division that much clearer. I stay more focused.

In any case! New York, as always, is awesome. I'm still in love with this city, and the office here is very nice. I got to hang out with some of the engineers and that was particularly joyous. Also, my hotel room is very large, has a nice kitchen, and decent water pressure. If I could kick the last vestiges of this cold, I'd be really happy.

Thing I'm happy about: It's supposed to be warm and sunny here today.
Thing I'm less happy about: OMG, stupid cold. I sound like a sniffly five year old.
Thing I'm working on: Remembering to set up meetings with all those people I should really set up meetings with.
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I was very unmotivated yesterday -- I think the rain dampened my spirits. Whatever the case, I ended up spending ~90% of the day in my apartment, alternately watching Deep Space 9 Season 1, reading a book, and staring at various lyrics online. I didn't actually leave the house until 10pm, when I was invited to go play board games at Green & Brown's, so I went over and we played Monopoly. I know, group of 5 gamers, and we decide to play Monopoly! Weird. In all fairness, there was a tiebreaker between Monopoly and Apples to Apples. No one had played Monopoly in a really long time, so it was kind of fun...

I honestly can't remember the last time I played Monopoly. I feel like it must have been sometime during freshman year of college or the summer after, but I can only remember playing Monopoly in Saudi with Kati. We'd eat cheese puff balls, read Calvin and Hobbes, and play epic games of Monopoly. I used to always play with the horse and cowboy when I was little, so that was my piece of choice. Anyway, David took an early lead, but by the end of it, I had rent immunity on enough properties and had enough well placed properties of my own that I ended up with total assets of over $16,000. Which is a lot of money in Monopoly, but not as much in real life. I doubt somehow I'd be able to build a house for $50, even if it were on Connecticut Ave. In any case, the game was relatively short (aka, 3 hours) since David and I decided not to duke it out after the other three players went bankrupt, but then there was some Smash and I didn't get home until 330am.

I love watching Smash. I have no idea why. I don't really have any interest in playing it, but it's fun to watch. This is odd, since I didn't play any of the games that the characters are from, so I'm constantly asking, "Who's that? What's that stage from?" Anyway, it reminds me of my last year at Stanford and going over to EAST and hanging out with various people in the lounge playing Smash. I don't really miss being in college, but I really miss having the ability to be online at 3am and find someone else to hang out with who's a five minute walk away. And how large group things just kind of materialized of their own accord -- now it's all about the planning. Ah, we could go here, we could do this, etc etc. Which reminds me, I should try and organize a Girls' Day with the few in-the-area girls and go up to the city or down to Santa Cruz or something.

Thing I'm happy about: sleeping in until 1145. Sleep is fantastic. Also, digestive biscuits with nutella are AWESOME for breakfast.
Thing I'm less happy about: This cold. It was supposed to clear up rapidly, but it seems to be hanging on a week later.
Thing I'm working on: Errands and packing. I'm going to NYC tomorrow night for a week...
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Thing I'm happy about: Mae West. Saw a movie with her in it last night ("I'm No Angel"), and was highly amused.
Thing I'm less happy about: my pilot light went out again. It's fixed now, and it did take just about 2 months for it to go out, but... It's kind of annoying, especially given the fact that it's kind of cold outside.
Thing I'm working on: breathing. Stupid stuffy nose.
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I didn't really remember to post yesterday, so I'm backdating this entry. This might be because I got up, I went to work, I went home and went to bed. At six pm. Boy, I have an exciting life. Admittedly, this is coz I was still slightly sick, but so it goes. I feel a lot better today. Er, tomorrow. Whatever.

Anyway, it was a rather inauspicious day (or sarcastically auspicious, either way). I left the house without my glasses, had to go back and get them; nearly missed my train; fell asleep on the train and nearly missed my stop; discovered that the plane tickets I'd bought to NYC were wrong so I had to change them; and I was still sick. All in all, I could have done without the additional stress.

Thing I am happy about: Normalization of drama. This means, in short, that all-consuming emotional things are starting to settle out one way or another.
Thing I am less happy about: The price of tickets at Thanksgiving. While it is 150 dollars cheaper to fly from MA to CA than from CA to MA on the same days, it is still too expensive for Jeremy to come out and visit me.
Thing I am working on: Getting less sick. This one was obvious.
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I am sick. Or rather, my throat hurts and my muscles ache. I know exactly where I caught it from too, and that's an amusing story in and of itself. It's actually not that amusing, so I won't bore you with the details.

Work continues apace. My ability to do said work continues less avidly.

Drama sucks. Anyone who says differently is either lying or a sociopath. I believe I am acquiring a long list of neutral locations down in the Penninsula and up in the city. These locations will come in helpful when I need to have awkward conversations.

Thing I am happy about: Meeting new people who seem cool, talking with them, and discovering that they are, in fact, cool.
Thing I am less happy about: Being sick and still needing to be at work because I have Important Meetings.
Thing I am working on: stifling jealousy when I have no right to be jealous. This is much harder than I would have suspected.
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Today is easily represented by Bon Jovi lyrics:

Woke up this morning, and rolled out of bed
I felt like a dog who'd been kicked in the head...


Cause a bottle of vodka's still lodged in my head
and some blond gave me nightmares, I think that she's still in my bed...

I feel awful.. :(
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i sort of just want to crawl under my desk and take a nap. my tummy is failing to function correctly today, but i can't figure out whether it's because of the change in weather (cold to just right to really damn stuffy/hot in my apartment), my allergies, my insomnia (possibly a combination of stress, allergies and heat), the stress of going to dublin (leaving saturday!), the stress of moving offices to the Great Nothingness, the oreos and fruit roll-ups i gorged myself on yesterday, the waking up at 5am for two days in a row, the 12 hours I worked yesterday (and the threat of another 12 hours today), or the 14-hour-old sushi I had last night.

...okay, so maybe i can figure this out. Hey, at least there aren't any boy problems.

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ick. stupid new update page.

also - i am still sort of woozy sick but not sick enough to be at home nor sick enough to be sleeping a lot. just sick enough to REALLY NOT WANT TO WORK.

isn't life grand?
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today, my body is all like, "i'm too hot. no, i'm cold enough to shiver. no, actually, i'm too hot AND i have goosebumps from being too cold. also, your muscles? they will hurt so much you'll feel like an old woman trying to walk. and don't even TRY to open that bottle top - you haven't got the strength."

and i'm like, "wtf? give me painkillers"

and my body is like, "puny painkillers! they shall tremble in the wrath of the flu."

and i'm like, "also, benadryl to knock myself out."

and my body is like, "oh, well, damn. fine, get 3 hours of sleep. you're going to need it."

and i'm like, "fuck you, stupid flu."

lesson? don't drink orange juice 5 days after the "best if used by" date, even if it sounds like the best drink in the WHOLE WORLD.
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today, I am happy about: frivolous clothing. You know, that clothing that you buy not because you need clothing but because wearing it makes you smile. I have a bright magenta tanktop that i always squee with amusement when i wear it. I also have a bra which is all the colors of the rainbow (it matches my sheets, but without the white), and i wear it with the tank top and it is the awesome of awesomeness. today, it was underwear. also, victoria's secret convinced me that i look fatter in shorts than in just underwear. stupid shorts.

today, I am less happy about: those kinds of conversations that you have to have because not having them makes it worse down the line, but having them makes everybody sad and draws/creates lines/barriers.

today, I wish that I had some of [ profile] alemara's mother's "very delicious 'I-need-to-take-better-care-of-myself' vegetable soup, chock-full of cabbage and carrots and everything tasty" not because i've ever had it but because that sounds like exactly the kind of soup I need. Or mom's chili. I also wish that I had just one more day of the weekend, so i didn't feel quite so rushed with work and life and stuff.
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i had to miss death guild last night because of being really sick to my stomach. i am feeling better and am at work. i revel in the pleasures of moroccan mint tea...


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