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I am in such a good mood today. I know my posts are usually doom and gloom, but today? Seriously, nothing can bring me down.

I woke up this morning and decided that I was going to sleep in a little because I was vaguely exhausted. Got up and found a pair of jeans in my closet that I haven't worn in a while (like, years) and decided to try them on. Lo and behold, they FIT! And looked GOOD!!! So now I'm prancing around in black jeans and awesome boots and feeling very sexy.

And then I bestowed chocolate upon the tech team, and got assigned new responsibilities, which include coding! (In Javascript, admittedly, but that's still pretty good anyway...) And now I'm so swamped with things to do!

So, quickly, on with the listening to Gwen Stefani and Beyonce and Kelis. Today is totally a day for girly hip-hop. But first, sauntering to a meeting, sashaying with the best of them.
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today, i am happy about: controlled slippage. mike and i went wandering to half moon bay the other week, and found some rather muddy, algae covered stones and kept almost falling down, but not quite. this particular activity became christened controlled slippage, and given how goddamn cold it is here, it serves me very well.

today, i am less happy about: cold, cold, cold, OMG, cold.

today, i wish that: people from Amherst would just move to California because it is warmer there. Much warmer. Also, I am there, and that should be reason enough to move. :)
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today, i am happy about: the fact that it's friday! (were you really expecting something else? if(ans="yes") {printf "silly readers..."}) Means I get to go home. Means I get to see Jer. Means I get to NOT DO WORK!

today, i am less happy about: the fact that it's friday! (were you really expecting something else? if(ans="yes") {printf "silly readers..."}) ZOMG, work. (Z^2)OMG work. I am also not packed and will likely forget something important or whatever. I will probably work from home tomorrow. I am a sad, sad faerie dragon.

today, i wish that: it were friday night. no. Seriously? I wish that I didn't have a love/hate relationship with EVERYTHING (see above for further proof).

Also, my horoscope for the day: Your physical desires become a bit more complicated over these next weeks -- and today can foreshadow the complexity. It's not that you are more mysterious; rather, you just aren't satisfied with the practical mechanics that appear on the surface. You have a deeper vision of what love might be and want to manifest your ideal. If you can't, your tendency might be to slip into fantasies and make it seem real in your imagination.
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today, i am happy about: my hat. it is warm and fuzzy and looks like something someone might find in a tom petty video, were tom petty to do a video featuring snow bunnies, but less purple.

today, i am not so happy about: pictures. i've apparently gotten fat enough in the face that no many how many pictures i take, i look fat in the face. maybe i'll just stick to taking headless shots, but then i'll probably look fat in the body too. EVEN THOUGH I AM NOT.

today, i wish that: i could go home. and get a hug from my parents and kisses from my puppies. i also wish that i were not behind in my work, like whoa behind.
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narnia was good. i didnt' think there were huge holes (like, what did the carnivores eat?), but then again, being a theater/fantasy person, i tend to be able to suspend disbelief if the story is good enough. and this one was classic.

and, dude, mr tumnus was really sexy. ;)

best of luck to everyone on finals.

tonite, i get to go shoot pool and have dinner with a coworker who reminds me terribly of the infamous robert. this should prove...interesting, if nothing else. i also brought my *favorite* tea mug (and favorite tea!) to work because drinking non-Lady Grey out of paper cups just wasn't doing it for me.



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