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Thing I am happy about: When pressed, I can, in fact, cook things like scrambled eggs and eat them for breakfast. Also, I can legitimately start playing Christmas music again, although I yet need to figure out a place to put up my Christmas tree. It's not December yet, so I figure I've got some time.
Thing I am less happy about: My four day weekend of doing nothing (well, mostly) is almost at an end. Also, I can't find the power charger for my ipod, which is kind of annoying, given that you can't play music off of it while it's charging in the computer. It's old, so this might have been fixed with a newer gen.
Thing I am working on: doing work. And also half heartedly Christmas shopping on
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The day has dawned sunny and cold, should be down in the 40s for most of today. I had dinner with my brother yesterday, which was awesome, minus the fact that we were both some level of exhausted. We only did dinner and chatted over Italian food But, as I pointed out, we'll see each other for Christmas, and that'll be good.

Christmas is turning into such a complicated affair this year. I think I'm visiting not one but both of my grandmothers, which will include me being in a car for 840 miles or so. I'm looking forward to it, but it means that I need to start planning presents NOW, before I get swamped with vacation planning.

Thing I am happy about: It's FRIDAY!
Thing I am less happy about: I'm still sniffly, and the lack of restful sleep has not been helping.
Thing I am working on: Remembering to wake up in time tomorrow to get to the airport for my 830am flight.
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Pluto has white spots on him. Likely ich. Maybe mouth fungus. Likely means, all my fish are going to die. Yes, there's salt in the tank. Yes, I'm going to the pet store tomorrow to try and fix it.

In other news, [ profile] onetruedavid failed his reflex save against the whipped cream attack of the hot chocolate he happened to encounter. It was really funny.

Got a weird package from my parents consisting of random hiking gear they thought I should have. The sleeping bag must be from the 80s. I have never seen it before in my life, but they assure me that this is the sleeping bag they bought for me not so long ago. The medkit expired 7 years ago. All of it smells like my basement.

I think I give up for now. I had a great idea for a vignette, but I've since forgotten it. I believe it was a story about the Gates of Hell or a description of the Deerfield River.

Also, I need to go write bad love poetry about well-oiled gears and ink spatters.
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Merry Christmas, a few days late. Also, happy belated birthday to [ profile] capedcrusader92, who has the same birthday as my mother - ie, Christmas eve.

Christmas was a rather muted affair this year - my brother and his girlfriend went to Alabama to visit her side of the family, so we had to mail them their presents. It was weird to mail presents, since that meant that I had to wrap stuff before Christmas eve, which (due to my procrastinatory nature) never happens. Kind of sad, really - I found a neat present for him, and then proceeded to forget to mail it. So he'll get it next year, which is okay, but it's really cute. Anyway, we also didn't go to Ohio, which faithful readers will know is our usual thing. Our dog Larry has diabetes and is getting old, so we didn't really want to risk his life to go visit Grandma for Christmas...

But that was okay. We had Christmas eve dinner here, and roast beef with Yorkshire pudding (apparently a collapsed form of popovers), and Mom's birthday, with a hastily made cake. Then, presents the following morning. Then, we drove to Acworth, NH (there's nothing there, so don't feel bad if you haven't heard of it) to visit my aunt, uncle, cousin, and their three dogs and to have Christmas day dinner. We had turkey and stuffing, and Latvian kringel and cranberry pudding with a name that I couldn't pronounce if you paid me to, much less spell. (I take it back, it's apparently called "debess manna". In Google we trust...) Anyway, the whole meal was really good.

So it was just me and the parents and the dogs with my Christmas tree and ornaments from college (which isn't all that pathetic, considering the tree is 6' and has lots of ornaments), and it was nice and chill. I got a few neat things, including the first two seasons of Buffy (because I'm tired of borrowing it from people), the first season of Rome, ridiculously awesome socks, the collected comics of Tove Jansson's Moomins, a small and svelte digital camera, a couple of books, POTC2. Also a fantastic dragon scroll and black coat from my aunt and uncle.

Now, three days of work, and then the weekend and New Year's, and then I get to fly back to California.
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today, i am happy about: blank journals. they're so full of promise - blank pages, nice, unstretched binding. it's sort of intimidating, because you don't really want to write in them since then they'll be sort of spoiled, but at the same time, you just can't help yourself. Or maybe that's just me. in any case, you always wonder what's going to happen with them. I also got my holiday savings back from borders, which means that i spent just over 300 dollars in books since the rewards program came out. I need a new bookcase.

today, i am less happy about: discovering frost. there was frost on my grass outside my apartment. also, i leave my house when it's dark, and i get home when it's dark. if i fade into a pale version of gollum, somebody shoot me.

today, i wish that: one could embed sound files into printed pages. i know they do this to some extent, but it would be awesome to be able to write down a song quote and then have the music play when you got to that page. i suspect that you could probably make a podcast or the equivalent to an audio book as a soundtrack to when somebody is reading it, but that just doesn't seem the same.
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today, I am happy about: lj's ability to back date entries. :) Also, going to bookstores and buying cds. coz it's ironic.

today, I am less happy about: OMG, SO PATHETIC. Also, thanksgiving shoppers are insane.

today, i wish that: he would call me. but what else is new?
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i am back. i was back last night, actually, but hey. So yeah. BON JOVI IS AWESOME. OMG!!one!11 like, no, seriously, dude.

And even though I got so little sleep and screamed myself hoarse and spent more money than I should have, I'd do it all over again. Because it was *just* that cool... ;) Yes, I'm jazzed, can you tell?

And Aaron, I would love to get my plant back. I'm going to Narnia tomorrow night with y'all, and I need a ride back (probably to campus anyway), so I can grab it then... Thx! You rock.


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