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Scene: my apartment, this morning. I wake up, relatively groggy and a little cold. Start my shower, wait for the hot water to come on, and step into the stream of water.

HOUSE: Welcome back from Florida! Did I mention that your pilot light went out while you were gone?

ME: Eeeeeee!! COLD! Coldcoldcoldcold!! Jumps out of shower and grabs nearest towel


End scene.
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Pilot light go out again!
Inga finds match.
Inga strikes match.
Inga relights pilot light.
Pilot light goes on again!

Bets on how long this will last?
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So, my pilot light went out again yesterday morning. I think maybe I should get someone to look at it.
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Thing I'm happy about: Mae West. Saw a movie with her in it last night ("I'm No Angel"), and was highly amused.
Thing I'm less happy about: my pilot light went out again. It's fixed now, and it did take just about 2 months for it to go out, but... It's kind of annoying, especially given the fact that it's kind of cold outside.
Thing I'm working on: breathing. Stupid stuffy nose.
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Well, it's been about 1.5 months, so I should have seen this coming.

My pilot light is out. Again. Yes, again. See how many times it's gone out?

Boy, oh, boy, I can hardly wait for winter!
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I really want to punch my water heater, but I am afraid that a) the pilot light will go out again as it did yesterday; and b) I'll hurt my hand.

In other news, I can now successfully ID 2 unique mollies in my tank. One of them is smaller and entirely silver and has been named Alpha Centauri, due to the galaxy-like splatters of black. The other is big, and has an enormous black spot on him. He was going to be called the Maker of Trouble, due to his ridiculous insistance that the other mollies hang out on the left side of the tank, but I have since settled on Jupiter.

Left to name: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

ETA: Also Neptune and Saturn have been named. I think I may have to wait until one of them has fry to determine which is Venus... ;)
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i came back monday night, only to discover on tuesday morning that my pilot light was out. again.

i fixed it last night and was able to enjoy a hot shower this morning. stupid gremlins.

massachusetts was precisely what i needed. i am of the good right now, a bit calmer and a bunch more relaxed than i have been since latvia. it is my firm belief that given a choice between exploring a new country and going home, the real relaxing vacation is actually going home, even tho the more interesting part may be the unexplored country. personally? i'd rather have my dog. unless it's egypt.

my friend kim and his girlfriend have moved from amherst to the bay area, and my coworker's ex-girlfriend has done the same. this trend is good, in that it indicates a general exodus from the valley to the bay area; thus, perhaps, the people i like and depend on will also move out here.

wow tomorrow night, sr on friday, dnd on saturday, other dnd tbd. am i gaming too much? i think half of my flist would disagree.
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me: i can has hot water?
boyfriend: ya rly, im in ur water heater, lighting ur pilot light.
me: yay~!

(yes, i have hot water again! whoo!!!)
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me: i can has hot water?
gremlin: no wai! im in ur water heater, blowing out ur pilot light! kthxbye.
me: sigh
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This weekend went by amazingly quickly.

I discovered:

  • I like Guinness.

  • Abercromie & Fitch occasionally has okay stuff, so long as you don't mind looking like a teenybopper.

  • Finding shoes is a bitch.

  • Programming in Python is also a bitch.

  • Alcohol + club dancing == bad idea. No, really.

  • I became a member of [ profile] gamechronicles and made my first post.

  • I have no hot water. I don't know why.

  • Well, onto finding out what the actual week will bring... beyond baths with water heated on my stove...


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