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So, someone requested a real update. This is probably not it, but I have received your request. Insh'allah, it will be processed soon.

Right now, I'm avoiding listening to a conference call. I want lunch. It's 1pm and I haven't had lunch yet because my day has been full of meetings. Silly meetings, where we talked products and tools to death and then went to another meeting to talk the same tools and products to death. I like my job, don't get me wrong, but I desperately need sleep that isn't guilt-ridden for not doing enough work while I'm at home "enjoying" my weekend.

A couple people have suggested that I drop my Saturday job at the library. I'm loathe to do this for a few reasons. 1) I like the people there - they keep me sane. 2) It's a sizeable chunk of change for me to put towards my electric, phone and cable bills. 3) What will I do on Saturdays? The reason I got the job in the first place was because I needed to avoid going shopping and spending money that I didn't really have. So now, if I don't have this job, I will likely lay about the house and not do anything, which will make me feel worse about myself than I already do. 4) Borrowing privileges. I mean, I can rent an entire season of star trek tng at a time!

On the other hand, I'm completely and utterly exhausted. So we'll see...

Also, going to new york on business. My first business trip! I feel so adult 'n everything.
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- i skipped work today. i feel kind of guilty about it since we were shorthanded at the library, but i did have some work i needed to get done.
- i bought harry potter iv
- i bought a new phone - it's shiny red and nice, although i'll miss my old one. my old phone has been through so much with me that this new one better live up to expectations.
- i was then feeling rather guilty about not going to work until i got a fortune that was all like "take a few days off and relax" and i realized that yeah, i was at work for 11 hours each day last week, and dammit, i wanted a day off. so it was good to take one.
- heather's bday dinner is tomorrow, so that'll be fun, assuming that my ride pulls through.

right, rock on, let's go onward to the rest of the weekend...
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why, yes, i *am* in Green Library, checking out books to people. Why do you ask?


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