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Home, home on the range...where the parents and the briard play....

3.1666 hours til 2008 on the East Coast. Rah rah sis boom bah.

Resolutions to follow...
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Merry Christmas, all. Yes, I know I'm a few days late, but it's been hectic. There was my brother's birthday, then mom's birthday, then Christmas, then a 12 hour drive to Massachusetts, then a 4 hour epic cleaning of my mom's laptop, and it's off to DC tomorrow. So needless to say, it's been busy, and I should really be in bed since I need to be up in six hours.

In any case, I got to see Jeremy tonight. Turns out that even though there's a New Year's party this year, it is unlikely that I will go, being that his girlfriend (who seriously does not like me) will likely go. Frankly, since I feel it's likely she'll try and kill me if she ever meets me, I'm kind of okay with just hanging out with Jer tonight. Although, honestly, she really shouldn't worry about him -- he is dating *her*, not me. Don't you remember? We had that whole kafuffle last year and he chose you over me. Sending text messages in order to interrupt his hanging out with me just makes you look psychotic. ANYWAY, whatever. I'm done with the dramatic angst for now, although if that other damn boy doesn't get out of my dreams, I will go insane.

My fishtank apparently is still doing badly -- the water's gone all cloudy and I'm not anywhere near it to fix it. Thanks to Mike, though, they did get a water change. I can only be glad that someone actually was around to feed my fish. Thank you, o wise sir. I'll check it when I get back and try and fix it.

In terms of (bandito?) loot from this Christmas, I received far too many DVDs (including Serenity special edition, BSG Razor, Buffy & Angel) and far too many books (including the Goodkind book, and the remaining two books in the NightWatch series) and also an extremely nice pair of earrings and a wallet. I gave my brother a the giant lego set of the Millennium Falcon and an awesome dragon, and other neat stuff to the rest of the family, including a lot of Google stuff. It's problematic when you work at a neat company -- people just seem to want Google stuff from you.

Right. I'm off to bed, to arise early and drive 8 hours to DC with my dad. In a minivan. Hope I'll have the right set of music to keep myself from going insane.

New Year's in a few days. Guess I ought to start thinking about my resolutions or somesuch. Ew, committments. I'm really not any good at those.
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I'm in Ohio. It's less cold here than I was expecting, and there are more dogs here than I was expecting. Should prove entertaining.

I get to sit with Allie now, though. She's all freaked out since Larry isn't around to keep her company and she's never been to Grandma's without him before. Except when she was little, but I don't think she remembers that. Anyway, her usual standoffish behavior has been replaced by this timid dog that I barely recognize. She actually came when she was called and licked me on the nose. I think she's really glad I'm around -- some additional form of pack, I guess. She looks to me as the pack leader (at least sometimes), so I wonder if my being here makes her worry less.

Anyway, we also have my grandma's white fuzzy roly-poly dog Topsi, and my uncle's lanky taller-than-Allie husky named Jack. Jack's seriously built on springs; he's so incredibly bouncy and insane. He stays outside mostly, and plays really well with Topsi, even tho Topsi's about the size of Jack's head. Allie doesn't play well with others, so there's an interesting dog-in, other-dog out play going constantly.

I miss my dog when she's not around. It's too bad I'm allergic to cats, coz I think having a cat around would be a relatively okay substitute for a dog. I guess fish are about the best I can do for now.

Jamie's coming tomorrow!!!! So that will be awesome, and we'll have a very full house. Family's the best Christmas present ever.

Anyway, I need to go frantically wrap actual, non-sappy presents, but I just wanted to wish people a fantastic Christmas and New Year's. I'll probably post more later this week (I hear you waiting with bated breath), but we'll see...
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The day has dawned sunny and cold, should be down in the 40s for most of today. I had dinner with my brother yesterday, which was awesome, minus the fact that we were both some level of exhausted. We only did dinner and chatted over Italian food But, as I pointed out, we'll see each other for Christmas, and that'll be good.

Christmas is turning into such a complicated affair this year. I think I'm visiting not one but both of my grandmothers, which will include me being in a car for 840 miles or so. I'm looking forward to it, but it means that I need to start planning presents NOW, before I get swamped with vacation planning.

Thing I am happy about: It's FRIDAY!
Thing I am less happy about: I'm still sniffly, and the lack of restful sleep has not been helping.
Thing I am working on: Remembering to wake up in time tomorrow to get to the airport for my 830am flight.
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In California, safe. Unlike my bag, which is still in DC. Avoiding checking work email until tomorrow morning.

And for those of you craving new england fall:
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At home, safe. Avoiding checking my work email as much as possible.
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Pluto has white spots on him. Likely ich. Maybe mouth fungus. Likely means, all my fish are going to die. Yes, there's salt in the tank. Yes, I'm going to the pet store tomorrow to try and fix it.

In other news, [ profile] onetruedavid failed his reflex save against the whipped cream attack of the hot chocolate he happened to encounter. It was really funny.

Got a weird package from my parents consisting of random hiking gear they thought I should have. The sleeping bag must be from the 80s. I have never seen it before in my life, but they assure me that this is the sleeping bag they bought for me not so long ago. The medkit expired 7 years ago. All of it smells like my basement.

I think I give up for now. I had a great idea for a vignette, but I've since forgotten it. I believe it was a story about the Gates of Hell or a description of the Deerfield River.

Also, I need to go write bad love poetry about well-oiled gears and ink spatters.
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Today, I was glad to discover a couple of things:

1) No matter how much time you spend talking to people or trying to understand them, inevitably you will be surprised by them. In some cases, more than once.

2) There are still people in the world who believe very strongly in the success and brilliance of love, and who are not necessarily jaded by whatever situations they might have been in before you knew them or after you lost them.

Both of these things makes me quite happy, even though I'm not sure that I fall into either category. It's just good to know that things like Truth, Love & Beauty still exist as ideals and that people are very different on an individual basis.

In completely unrelated news, I had an awesome dinner at Kaygetsu, which consisted of 6 courses of unidentifiable foods and fantastic tastes and much green tea. I had spent a good few hours stressing about what I was going to wear, how/whether to do my hair, how/whether to put on makeup, and other things, before watching a couple episodes of season four of Buffy (yes, I have seen all of it more than once but I'm rewatching it) and forgetting to be stressed until about 10 minutes before I had to leave. Thank goodness for skillz which allow me to get ready and look good within 10-15 minutes.

I also realized, after some conversation, that I'm vaguely addicted to my Livejournal and that I tend to write in it more than is good for me. Of course, this isn't actually reflected in my entries, given that I spend a lot of time thinking about what I'm going to write, deciding how much information I want to divulge, and then writing whatever part of it I feel like I can write, sometimes expounding further in a friends-locked post. (Though, as you may have noticed, I don't like friends-locked posts much.) Usually, I get the urge to post something 2 or 3 times a day, but generally restrain myself to posting once every 2 or 3 days.

Henry is safe in Texas -- I know this because I called him and he picked up. I thought, for whatever reason, that he was two hours behind (so calling him at midnight my time wouldn't be so late for him), but, as it turns out, he's two hours ahead. And now much less well-rested. Sorry, Henry.

I have also added large amounts of things to my Amazon wishlist. And I kind of wonder when I think I'll be able to afford the complete Star Trek seasons of the original series, the Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine, as well as the whole set of movies. In the meanwhile, I kind of also need to get Buffy 5-7 and Angel 3-5. It's a pity that my birthday is so close to Christmas. Although I don't get any fewer presents, I only get them once a year...

I also kind of want to go and buy an entire new wardrobe, with shoes and everything. I've recently had an increasing urge to become more girly. I don't think this will actually happen, although I should probably go buy another pair of flat shoes (maybe puma SpeedCats or more ballet flats) and maybe a pair of peeptoe pumps.

I have at least two snails in my tank. One of them is named Sparky. I think the other is Trouble, both in name and in actuality. Apparently, snails are hermaphroditic, so can produce without a mate. And apparently, they do this often enough to take over the tank. I have experience with this, actually, since I found one snail in the morning, and twelve hours later, there were two of them. Coincidence? I think not. I have to figure out what to do about them, although the internet tells me that most snails are generally beneficial to the tank.

Finally, I realized that it was the last week in July, which means that Summer is nearly 2/3 over. This is both sad (end of summer) and good (beginning of pumpkin pie and a return of Christmas music). Also, at the end of September, my parents will have been married for exactly 40 years. My dad wants to go watch a large quantity of P-51 Mustangs take to the air in Ohio, but I'm not sure we'll be able to all make it out there for that. And it's no fun without all of us.

As part of summer going away, Formula 1 season is also drawing to a close, with Louis Hamilton, the rookie, in the lead for the Championship. Will Kimi, Alonso, or Massa be able to steal his early lead? Only time (and the remaining races) will tell.

If this were the normal size of my LJ braindumps, would you really want to read two or three of them every day? Yeah, I wouldn't, either.
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i came back monday night, only to discover on tuesday morning that my pilot light was out. again.

i fixed it last night and was able to enjoy a hot shower this morning. stupid gremlins.

massachusetts was precisely what i needed. i am of the good right now, a bit calmer and a bunch more relaxed than i have been since latvia. it is my firm belief that given a choice between exploring a new country and going home, the real relaxing vacation is actually going home, even tho the more interesting part may be the unexplored country. personally? i'd rather have my dog. unless it's egypt.

my friend kim and his girlfriend have moved from amherst to the bay area, and my coworker's ex-girlfriend has done the same. this trend is good, in that it indicates a general exodus from the valley to the bay area; thus, perhaps, the people i like and depend on will also move out here.

wow tomorrow night, sr on friday, dnd on saturday, other dnd tbd. am i gaming too much? i think half of my flist would disagree.
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i am in massachusetts until monday evening. that is all. :)
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So one week ago today, my dog Larry was put to sleep. He was a few days short of his twelfth birthday, and he went out as he did most things: with dignity and suavity.

It made sense: Larry had diabetes and weak back legs and had stopped eating to the point of pushing his dish away with his nose. You can't give insulin to a diabetic dog that won't eat, and we figure he was feeling old and tired. After all, he couldn't stand up on his own anymore - the strength just wasn't there. He seemed to be saying that he had made his choice.

Anyway, he got to celebrate his birthday early with some carrot cake, and Mom and Dad explained all of it to him, so it was okay in the end. He was a good dog, and we'll never forget him.
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back in the exciting-but-not-overwhelmingly-so world of menlo park, california. today's travel adventure was the 1 hour walk to the post office to pick up my mail and the 1 hour walk back before sitting down to do precisely 3 hours of work. which was basically me looking through the giant giant piles of email that i had.

my inbox is empty again, so i can breathe.

for those of you interested in my trip, read on )

well, there you have it, folks, nothing much to see here.
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This weekend was just awesome. I mean, whoa, awesome.Cut for length )

Then work this morning, where I have gotten no work done. Ah, well.

ETA: fucking quotation marks.
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i went home this weekend, and managed to eat well and sleep well for the first time in weeks. it was kind of surprisingly nice, considering how much time i spent on the airplane and how little time on the ground. but i got to see my parents, watch an f1 race with them, and chill with my puppies. and then see jer and kim and people from the cave. I miss my MA boys/D&D group. interestingly enough, someone who is the best friend of one resident and the gf of another resident of the cave is moving to the bay area and working in menlo park...a whole mile away from my place - literally, i walk 2-3 blocks up ravenswood, and two down middlefield, and i think i'm there...small world.

Also, my department is hiring. If intrigued, go here: If further intrigued, send me an email with your resume, and I'll make sure it gets to the appropriate people. It's fun, the people are good, the money is decent, and the perks are awesome (free food! free gym! free espresso! free other stuff, too.) Being technically proficient isn't a requirement - look at me with my oh so technical classics degree. You just have to be (vaguely) intelligent.
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hey, y'all.

merry christmas! and stuff. i'm in ohio with grandma, jamie, fiona, parents and dogs, which is just about the best christmas present i could have gotten. so there we go.

it is nowhere as cold here as it was last year. so... it's all happy.

love to all.
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keep on rockin' in the free world... on my way to ohio for christmas!!!!

merry christmas and many saluations on the day!
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omg. going home for christmas on the 23rd.
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happy thought for the day: I put up my christmas tree. Yes, the one from school. With all its ornaments. And we played lots and lots of christmas carols and I really just sort of want to sleep under it tonight. We'll see--the dogs'll probably eat me in the night...
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happy thought for the day: OMGWTFBBQ, it's SNOWING!!ONEone1!!1 Wow, it's SHINY.

oh, and Happy Turkeyday! (even though I'm actually having game hens)
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happy thought for the day: mom's crisp, light and fluffy french toast with real maple syrup for breakfast on a rainy day...

Discworld meme.... )

Also, this Friday, Nov 18, at noon, George R. R. Martin will be coming to Kepler's to debut his new book, "A Feast For Crows."


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