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This is a late-but-better-than-never-PSA: Valentine's day is in two days.

If you haven't started planning to do something for that special someone, you've got very little time to put something passable together. If you've declared you're not doing something, please make sure that your special someone is also agreed on this point, else you may end up with a lot of hurt feelings and a general air of "But you forgot me!" Even though I'm always a champion for the original, unique Valentine's Day Semi-Surprise, I might suggest that even traditional dinner and a movie works as a stop-gap in the direst of times.

I, meanwhile, have plans of an extremely unromantic sort. I'm going to an anti-love choral cabaret in the city, with a friend who is most definitely a friend, to watch [ profile] darkest_light sing.

This post was going to be a "Romance is dead, here's why I say that, and it's your responsibility to go resurrect it" post, but really, y'all already knew it. And if you didn't, well, comment and let me know so I can proceed with ranting.
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The answer to the fun exercise: Or at least one of the answers -- I'm sure there were others. But this has the description "If Frank Sinatra, Black Grape, Ray Davies and Cypress Hill were to have an orgy, the bastard love child might be Space." associated with it. ( Source:,,495704,00.html?src=search&artist=Space)

I was also depressed to notice that corporate American Walgreens believes that it's almost Valentine's day. On the one hand, this is good: there's an abundance of red hots. On the other, it's bad: I'm single, and this (corporate, idiotic) holiday just reminds me of, hey, I'm single! It also reminds me of how much I hate American chocolate. Yes, really.

Actually, I'm okay with being single. Boys are obnoxious anyway. I'm just getting more and more set in my ways as time goes on, and eventually, I'll be that crazy lady with lots of cats. Or, in my case, dogs. Or fish. Or books.

Gee, I'm in a really chatty mood given that it's almost 1am. Maybe I should go to bed. But I'm listening to such awesome music...
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Thanksgiving! It was of the awesome, with tons of ridiculously good food all made by [ profile] onetruedavid He has pictures, which he should post.

Thing I am happy about: good friends, good food, lack of flying.
Thing I am less happy about: I think I ate enough food that I actually feel sick now.
Thing I am working on: Screw working, going to bed.
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today, i am happy about: thanksgiving! my brother and my brother's gf are both here, and they brought their dog. So here we go. 5 people, 3 dogs, the ratio is pretty good. Of course, the dogs can't be out together because Allie would try and eat Kitsune, and that could just be bad. As Jamie said, "We might just see a real live fox hunt right here." Kitsune is a shiba inu and looks a lot like this. Anyway, it's going to be awesome, and there might be scrabble.

today, i am less happy about: the fact that it's thursday and i go back to work on Monday. Also, that Allie is trying to kill Kit even as I type this, which is rather annoying, all things considered. Kit's in her crate, but Allie's not having any of it.

today, I wish that: there are a couple of things that I could write here, many having to do with various issues that keep cropping up among family and close friends. I do generally wish that I knew exactly what I was doing for Christmas, but c'est la vie. I'll probably buy tix last minute anyway.

HAPPY TURKEY DAY, EVERYONE! Try not to eat too much. :)
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today, I am happy about: lj's ability to back date entries. :) Also, going to bookstores and buying cds. coz it's ironic.

today, I am less happy about: OMG, SO PATHETIC. Also, thanksgiving shoppers are insane.

today, i wish that: he would call me. but what else is new?
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today is rosh hoshanna
tonight is the start of ramadan
tomorrow is the first day of fall
quickly, let's have a pagan festival!

in other news, i have received books from [ profile] eruthros and they are fantastic. especially brom. thank you so much, you rock.

in further other news, monday is the start of stanford continuing studies classes and next week is the end of the quarter. So what does that mean? less stress + more stress = equivalent stress! yay!
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happy talk like a pirate day. at work, someone has projected a very large, very awesome image with johnny depp as captain jack sparrow, and the phrase "avast, ye landlubbers - all yer questions must be arsked like a pirate or ye'll receive no answers. yar!" plus, all the menus today are written in pirate-speak..

in other news, boy left. and i was sad. and very tired. am now at work being sad, but i have a fenris wolf lego set to build at lunch to make me happy? or something.

so frikkin' tired, so much work to do, and i'm picking my job up at the library and taking some ridiculous amount of classes.

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rabbit, rabbit.

on another note, i hate april fool's day, especially since i feel like i just went through a week of it. anyway, like adam, it's my absolutely least favorite holiday, except that i can now change my calendar to another pretty picture of dragons.

and also, this might actually be a good idea:
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Happy St. Patrick's day. As it's on a Friday this year, I spose you can legitimately go out and get completely drunk on green beer/guinness, and not feel guilty in the morning. ;)

No, seriously, a four-leaf clover to each and every one of you.

and now a plug: So, if you're lucky, you'll get to see some festive Google ads today. There's a terrible example on , but a pretty good demonstration at . Please don't click on the ads as a result of this entry; I just wanted to show you the ability to be festive with Google AdSense. :)
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here it is, a blast from the past, tips for Valentine's day from long ago:

it's that time of year again; the time of year that taken males and single females hate. that's right, it's almost valentine's day. Well, not for another whole week, but when you walk through the grocery store and are immediately greated by giant red/pink/white displays of chocolate, roses, can you not stop and think to yourself, "god, this is worse than christmas"? remember, guys, there are worse days to show your affection for a romantically attractive human. like the day of their grandmother's funeral.

-if you give a girl roses, do not give her eleven. she will wonder where the other one went.
-stuffed animals that scream "love me tender" are not cute. no matter what.
-check that she even likes chocolate before splurging on a box of godiva. you *were* going to splurge, weren't you?
-learn to differentiate between 'coral' and 'pink' roses and 'red' and 'dark red' roses. pink is not acceptable under any circumstances, and red is only partially acceptable (due to the cliches surrounding it). if you think red roses are too forward, try traditional white.
-flowers other than roses are okay, with the exception of carnations, since carnations are considered the cheap imitation of roses. unless she *likes* carnations.
-giving a girl clothing is not a good idea under all but the tiniest of circumstances. don't risk getting killed. gift cards are more acceptable but still carry massive risks.
-dinner is a cliched but decent idea; make reservations weeks in advance, since everyone will have your same brilliant idea.
-sweet handwritten notes are fabulous...unless they're stalkerish scary
-good surprises are good...
-extravagant gifts are generally bad...don't spend more than your college tuition.
-in our fantasy world, guys sing songs to the girl; this is not a viable option unless other people think your voice is decent. if so, selections such as "lady luck" "fly me to the moon" and other sinatra favorites are generally good. stuff like "closer" by nin is not a good idea. think soul singers.
-stubble burn SUCKS. consider shaving right before you see your girl. if you don't, it's very possible you may only get a half-hearted peck on the cheek for all your efforts...and that would just be a shame.
-flowers should only be bought "just because." don't try to sell yourself, she won't buy it.
-avoid commercialism altogether...just make your gifts and get everything right. make sure you start weeks in advance.

and now, the phrase of the day, brought to you by brach's sweethearts: "kiss me"
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happy thought for the day: OMGWTFBBQ, it's SNOWING!!ONEone1!!1 Wow, it's SHINY.

oh, and Happy Turkeyday! (even though I'm actually having game hens)
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today's happy thought: only three more days of work, counting today. and game hens for thanksgiving because we're all a little sick of turkey. ;)

omg, d'n'd was hilarious last night. i have some quotes that i will post later, but my faerie dragon was silenced by elminster. THE elminster. ;)
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it is so fucking cold outside right now, but at the same time, it's really pretty.

i've been feeling a bit down today and yesterday, so i think today, i will make kleenex ghosties for halloween. i also have some lights i should put up.

i filed my bain & co app last night. i really really want a job with them, but i didn't manage to make it to more than their initial information session... so, no networking. that's always a bad sign, but hopefully the fact that i've just graduated and am willing to start immediate employment will sway them to look more favorably on my app. c'est la vie.

take me home tonight
listen honey
just like ronnie sang
be my little baby...


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