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The cake may be a lie, but it's damn awesome:

Also, happy birthday [ profile] joie_de_livre, who is one of the most awesome (and sexy) librarians EVAR!!!
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The holiday party was extravagant and involved bad mashups of 80s hair metal and 90s hiphop. There were some good mashups too, but I can't believe that the dj mangled Journey quite that badly. My date was fabulous and lovely and a terribly good dancer.

I have determined also that I would make a very bad submissive.

Henry is here, although bereft of hat, which is important, given how cold it is outside this week.

And finally, Scrabulous is fun.
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Fantasy Flight Games (Blue Planet, Lord of the Rings board game, others) is having a $5 sale through Dec 3: (x-posted to SGS mailing list)

Thing I'm happy about: over 15 hours of Christmas music.
Thing I'm less happy about: That 1245am meeting I have tonight.
Thing I'm working on: Convincing myself that I don't need to go to that really neat book talk I wanted to go to, but instead should actually do work.
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I was very unmotivated yesterday -- I think the rain dampened my spirits. Whatever the case, I ended up spending ~90% of the day in my apartment, alternately watching Deep Space 9 Season 1, reading a book, and staring at various lyrics online. I didn't actually leave the house until 10pm, when I was invited to go play board games at Green & Brown's, so I went over and we played Monopoly. I know, group of 5 gamers, and we decide to play Monopoly! Weird. In all fairness, there was a tiebreaker between Monopoly and Apples to Apples. No one had played Monopoly in a really long time, so it was kind of fun...

I honestly can't remember the last time I played Monopoly. I feel like it must have been sometime during freshman year of college or the summer after, but I can only remember playing Monopoly in Saudi with Kati. We'd eat cheese puff balls, read Calvin and Hobbes, and play epic games of Monopoly. I used to always play with the horse and cowboy when I was little, so that was my piece of choice. Anyway, David took an early lead, but by the end of it, I had rent immunity on enough properties and had enough well placed properties of my own that I ended up with total assets of over $16,000. Which is a lot of money in Monopoly, but not as much in real life. I doubt somehow I'd be able to build a house for $50, even if it were on Connecticut Ave. In any case, the game was relatively short (aka, 3 hours) since David and I decided not to duke it out after the other three players went bankrupt, but then there was some Smash and I didn't get home until 330am.

I love watching Smash. I have no idea why. I don't really have any interest in playing it, but it's fun to watch. This is odd, since I didn't play any of the games that the characters are from, so I'm constantly asking, "Who's that? What's that stage from?" Anyway, it reminds me of my last year at Stanford and going over to EAST and hanging out with various people in the lounge playing Smash. I don't really miss being in college, but I really miss having the ability to be online at 3am and find someone else to hang out with who's a five minute walk away. And how large group things just kind of materialized of their own accord -- now it's all about the planning. Ah, we could go here, we could do this, etc etc. Which reminds me, I should try and organize a Girls' Day with the few in-the-area girls and go up to the city or down to Santa Cruz or something.

Thing I'm happy about: sleeping in until 1145. Sleep is fantastic. Also, digestive biscuits with nutella are AWESOME for breakfast.
Thing I'm less happy about: This cold. It was supposed to clear up rapidly, but it seems to be hanging on a week later.
Thing I'm working on: Errands and packing. I'm going to NYC tomorrow night for a week...
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This entry consists of hastily-written bad love poetry, as written by Vanya Firesinger to Iveran Nightwing. For more context, this is from the WoW campaign that Sarah was running (f-locked wherein my character (night elf tinker named Vanya Firesinger, abused as a child, given over to the Cult of the Damned, and generally crazy) fell in (lust|love|obsession) with Iveran Nightwing (a druid working for a different evil cult, who had a propensity for turning into a raven and being generally snarky, but couldn't hold his alcohol). After failing to complete her ultimate goal, she went back to work as a tinker for the Cult, and sent him bad and somewhat creepy love poetry. See below. )
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I'm currently involved in five disparate conversations. In one, we're in the WoW tabletop world, wherein I'm playing a night elf tinker. In another, I'm having an in character conversation with the monk from the Dungeons and Dragons campaign that I'm running. In a third, I'm talking to a work colleague about the correct way to clock travel and work time for overseas offices. In a fourth, I'm discussing potential outfits to wear to a bachelor party. And in yet another, I'm discussing getting [ profile] onetruedavid drunk on sangria and discussing the game of footsie.

Multitasking == thinking inefficiently about many things
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just ran across this website:

it's basically a web 2.0 approach to the creation of a card game: namely, a bunch of gamers get together and design a ccg. i know i've got some gamers in my readership, and i'm pretty sure this is right up some of your alleys.

Anyway, check it out, it looks pretty neat, and feel free to pass it on to whomever doesn't read this blog (ie, voltaire, jeremy, etc). ;)
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liberateanimum: Welcome to larp! )

Prismakaos: quit
liberateanimum: beee-oop!

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Guest list for OSE is at 29 with 3 additional people possibly dropping by.

::whimper:: that's a lot of people.
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so, yes, i didn't show up at the meeting. but it was okay.

So, then, plans.

OSE IV: Ordinary Surprise Event
Lagunita Main Lounge
Saturday, January 21, 2006
suggested donation of $5/food or $8/food+alcohol
send music requests to maxe at stanford dot edu

if you didn't know, brilliant, just let me know you're coming either by emailing me at tanaquil at stanford dot edu.
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yeah, i'll be making an appearance at sgs's meeting, to be all like "OSE, w00t!". maybe i'll even show up in a dress or something. 'course, that would mean i'd need a dress. we'll see.
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there is an OSE in the opening stages of being planned. if you would like more info, go here:

i'm now thinking ordinary secret event w/ a combination with sandra's gift exchange etc, with various other secret surprises thrown in that have nothing whatsoever to do with the gift exchange. actually, maybe skip the exchange altogether or do it before, since it'll help minimize the "well, gee, how come they get gifts and i don't?!" feeling.

i'm also a lot poorer than i thought i was.

that is all.
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happy thought for the day: being surprised by a dozen roses after waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

my friend manu in germany went all out and rpg-filked dire straits' "money for nothing" and bob seger's "turn the page." check it out.

it's cold, but i'm wearing my "too many books; too little time" john bellairs tshirt, so all is well... my mom finally broke down and started unpacking my stuff to move it out of the dining room. i gotta say... it's so much more efficient when she does it. (but she's a superhero, so this makes sense).

mirfak is having issues with her medschool applications. apparently, MCAS requires all transcripts to have grades, and won't accept "W" or "RP" as grades because they don't support schools who hide how well their students are doing. Thus, Stanford students are having a hard time applying to med schools. Stanford Med School and the Registrar are getting involved to break MCAS down...stupid bureacracy.

anyway, i'd like it to be sunday, if that's okay.


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