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I'm in Ohio. It's less cold here than I was expecting, and there are more dogs here than I was expecting. Should prove entertaining.

I get to sit with Allie now, though. She's all freaked out since Larry isn't around to keep her company and she's never been to Grandma's without him before. Except when she was little, but I don't think she remembers that. Anyway, her usual standoffish behavior has been replaced by this timid dog that I barely recognize. She actually came when she was called and licked me on the nose. I think she's really glad I'm around -- some additional form of pack, I guess. She looks to me as the pack leader (at least sometimes), so I wonder if my being here makes her worry less.

Anyway, we also have my grandma's white fuzzy roly-poly dog Topsi, and my uncle's lanky taller-than-Allie husky named Jack. Jack's seriously built on springs; he's so incredibly bouncy and insane. He stays outside mostly, and plays really well with Topsi, even tho Topsi's about the size of Jack's head. Allie doesn't play well with others, so there's an interesting dog-in, other-dog out play going constantly.

I miss my dog when she's not around. It's too bad I'm allergic to cats, coz I think having a cat around would be a relatively okay substitute for a dog. I guess fish are about the best I can do for now.

Jamie's coming tomorrow!!!! So that will be awesome, and we'll have a very full house. Family's the best Christmas present ever.

Anyway, I need to go frantically wrap actual, non-sappy presents, but I just wanted to wish people a fantastic Christmas and New Year's. I'll probably post more later this week (I hear you waiting with bated breath), but we'll see...
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So just ignore the last entry. Today, I definitely rolled out of bed, took a ten minute shower, threw on jeans and the first sweater I grabbed, and ran out the door, slightly late. We went bowling last night and I slept badly, so go figure. Also, it was not sunny yesterday, although it was definitely not cold, and today it is supposed to rain. So that just goes to show you that things are not always as you expect them to be.

[ETA: which is not to say, by the way, that I'm no longer in love with this city. I am still very much enjoying my time in New York. Just all the expectations of yesterday kind of fell apart, although I did manage to schedule meetings with people...]

Thing I am happy about: Having dinner with my awesome brother at someplace other than Joe's House of All Things Peanut
Thing I am less happy about: Excel sheets full of sites I was supposed to look at yesterday but didn't because I was asleep.
Thing I am working on: I should really do that whole "get more sleep" thing.


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