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I'm in Ohio. It's less cold here than I was expecting, and there are more dogs here than I was expecting. Should prove entertaining.

I get to sit with Allie now, though. She's all freaked out since Larry isn't around to keep her company and she's never been to Grandma's without him before. Except when she was little, but I don't think she remembers that. Anyway, her usual standoffish behavior has been replaced by this timid dog that I barely recognize. She actually came when she was called and licked me on the nose. I think she's really glad I'm around -- some additional form of pack, I guess. She looks to me as the pack leader (at least sometimes), so I wonder if my being here makes her worry less.

Anyway, we also have my grandma's white fuzzy roly-poly dog Topsi, and my uncle's lanky taller-than-Allie husky named Jack. Jack's seriously built on springs; he's so incredibly bouncy and insane. He stays outside mostly, and plays really well with Topsi, even tho Topsi's about the size of Jack's head. Allie doesn't play well with others, so there's an interesting dog-in, other-dog out play going constantly.

I miss my dog when she's not around. It's too bad I'm allergic to cats, coz I think having a cat around would be a relatively okay substitute for a dog. I guess fish are about the best I can do for now.

Jamie's coming tomorrow!!!! So that will be awesome, and we'll have a very full house. Family's the best Christmas present ever.

Anyway, I need to go frantically wrap actual, non-sappy presents, but I just wanted to wish people a fantastic Christmas and New Year's. I'll probably post more later this week (I hear you waiting with bated breath), but we'll see...
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I really need to start eating healthier. Exercise probably wouldn't hurt either.

Yesterday was a day dominated by donut consumption, as well as some ice cream, and today... I think I ate 6 or 7 cheesecake brownies. This is not what we call a balanced diet, by any stretch of the imagination.

So, starting today, I'm going to keep a running list of things that I've eaten today. Somewhere.

In other news, not much is going on. I'm kind of happy at the world, but kind of sad at the same itme. Kim and Corinne are fully moved back to the East Coast, and I hear rumors that they're much happier there - sad to say, but good for them.

There are a couple of puppies that keep getting brought into work. One is a rescue dog from Taiwan with German Shepard coloring named Joey; the other is a Shiba Inu named Tiger. They're really cute. It's awesome because then I can get my nose licked by puppies!!!!!! I totally need a dog.

[ profile] liberateanimum has cats now. This makes Dnd rather sneezy. They're kind of cute, but I'm pretty much not a cat person. I need to get a new place so that I can get a puppy. Okay, actually, I need to get a car, a new place, a stable career, some additional cash float, and THEN I can get a puppy. ...sheesh. :(

Right, it's way past my bedtime. May the Sandman make your dreams sweet and allow you to wake refreshed.
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So one week ago today, my dog Larry was put to sleep. He was a few days short of his twelfth birthday, and he went out as he did most things: with dignity and suavity.

It made sense: Larry had diabetes and weak back legs and had stopped eating to the point of pushing his dish away with his nose. You can't give insulin to a diabetic dog that won't eat, and we figure he was feeling old and tired. After all, he couldn't stand up on his own anymore - the strength just wasn't there. He seemed to be saying that he had made his choice.

Anyway, he got to celebrate his birthday early with some carrot cake, and Mom and Dad explained all of it to him, so it was okay in the end. He was a good dog, and we'll never forget him.
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today, i am happy about: thanksgiving! my brother and my brother's gf are both here, and they brought their dog. So here we go. 5 people, 3 dogs, the ratio is pretty good. Of course, the dogs can't be out together because Allie would try and eat Kitsune, and that could just be bad. As Jamie said, "We might just see a real live fox hunt right here." Kitsune is a shiba inu and looks a lot like this. Anyway, it's going to be awesome, and there might be scrabble.

today, i am less happy about: the fact that it's thursday and i go back to work on Monday. Also, that Allie is trying to kill Kit even as I type this, which is rather annoying, all things considered. Kit's in her crate, but Allie's not having any of it.

today, I wish that: there are a couple of things that I could write here, many having to do with various issues that keep cropping up among family and close friends. I do generally wish that I knew exactly what I was doing for Christmas, but c'est la vie. I'll probably buy tix last minute anyway.

HAPPY TURKEY DAY, EVERYONE! Try not to eat too much. :)
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i am back from new york, and have successfully survived 2 days without internet access.

new york was awesome. i got to see a large subset of the people i know in nyc: akshay, [ profile] flyakate, [ profile] rhymester, my brother, my cousin, my cousin's ex girlfriend... i missed one of my cousins (mostly coz i did'nt remember she lived there), but next time i'm out there, i'll look her up too. i also got to see dinosaurs! and egyptian hieroglyphs! and chatted with the only cupcake bouncer in the city.

i'm a little terrified of the fact that everyone i talked to about nyc was sort of like "it grinds you under its foot". i'm not sure that i could stand (or afford!) to live there, but it's a nice place to visit. there's some thought that i'll go back in october!! but maybe it'll be later.

my brother's puppy, of whom i don't have any pictures, is really cute. also insane, but that seems to be the trend with all the dogs my family has. :)
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hey, y'all.

merry christmas! and stuff. i'm in ohio with grandma, jamie, fiona, parents and dogs, which is just about the best christmas present i could have gotten. so there we go.

it is nowhere as cold here as it was last year. so... it's all happy.

love to all.
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happy thought for the day: I put up my christmas tree. Yes, the one from school. With all its ornaments. And we played lots and lots of christmas carols and I really just sort of want to sleep under it tonight. We'll see--the dogs'll probably eat me in the night...


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