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When dreaming that you run into a hostile colossal blue dragon, the incorrect thing to do is to say to him, "We just ended session. Could we maybe postpone this fight until next week?"

...chances are, you'll still end up being chased through the sky by a colossal blue dragon with an Energy Substitution feat so he can breathe fire instead of lightning if he wants.
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Someone once told me that I have a love/hate relationship with everything in my life. The more I think about it, the more I think that they're right. And then I get angry at myself for being that way. I wonder if it's not just love/hate, but a series of diametrically opposed feelings. Too much looking back, not enough looking forward. I think I just want it all. On a silver platter. Handed to me by hot naked men. There should probably be hand-peeled grapes somewhere too. This paragraph ended up in a different place than I intended.

Today is brought to you by the number two.

Count the fishies! One fish, two fish... Two fish, ah ah ah. Saturn and Neptune are all that's left of the United Federation of Planets And Two Outliers. I wish I could say they were Pluto and Alpha Centauri, but alas, the luck did not hold. But that is okay. At least two survived the Russian roulette that was my tank for a while.

Count the number of hours past midnight Inga slept! One hour, two hours... Two hours, ah ah ah. Why the hell was I up at two? Because I'd gone to bed at nine, and I had work to do. So I watched Harry Potter 1 + 2 and reviewed lotsa websites for 3.5 hours before coming into work. Happily, the energy has held. Perhaps due to the fact that my lunch was literally 15 minutes long, most of which was waiting in line. This implies Many Things Are Afoot.

Today is also brought to you by the letter C.

This Saturday was painting a Condo. Or at least the trim around the doorframes. There was also Chipotle sauce and Chicken mole burritos. Sunday was going to the City to eat Chinese food -- dim sum -- with Chopsticks. I got to take the Caltrain and discovered the local Coffee shop near the millbrae Caltrain stop. So, there was also a bookstore shop and I read several Chapters of two books before deciding to buy them and a CD. One book was on Cars. I used a pair of Coupons, so it didn't Cost as much as it would have. Then I went grocery shopping and bought Chicken and Cheese and Ciabatta bread and Cherry yogurt. Then I went home and ate an ice Cream sandwich.

Today is further brought you by the number 13.25, which is the number of hours that I have worked today.

And on that note, I'm out to go rampage like any CG Fang dragon would. With dignity, honor, and a fearsome treasure lust. Rawr.
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I just cancelled DnD for tonight, with about 6 hours of warning, because I'm exhausted.

I'm exhausted because I spent a long time yesterday working late into the night and then got up early to get to a 7am meeting (yes, it got pushed up half an hour). This inspired the following exchange:

me: sleep > gaming
him: sleep > gaming > work.
me: career > sleep > gaming
him: sleep > friends > doing obscene levels of overtime
me: current situation > wishing i could change the past
him: actively planning for and changing the future > panicking about the present
me: stupid = trying to run campaign during the week when i get up early << thinking i'd be fine on 3 hours of sleep = stupider
him: well, I certainly agree with that.

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[11:09] David Green: you can care about a person more than the fate of the world and still be lawful right? Alignment discussion )

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OMG, Harry Potter 7 - I has it!

OMG, fishies - I has them!

OMG, map for D&D - I has it!

By the way, if anyone wants free fish, my friend is still trying to find good homes for a good 60 molly dalmatians. Let me know if you're interested. :)
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i came back monday night, only to discover on tuesday morning that my pilot light was out. again.

i fixed it last night and was able to enjoy a hot shower this morning. stupid gremlins.

massachusetts was precisely what i needed. i am of the good right now, a bit calmer and a bunch more relaxed than i have been since latvia. it is my firm belief that given a choice between exploring a new country and going home, the real relaxing vacation is actually going home, even tho the more interesting part may be the unexplored country. personally? i'd rather have my dog. unless it's egypt.

my friend kim and his girlfriend have moved from amherst to the bay area, and my coworker's ex-girlfriend has done the same. this trend is good, in that it indicates a general exodus from the valley to the bay area; thus, perhaps, the people i like and depend on will also move out here.

wow tomorrow night, sr on friday, dnd on saturday, other dnd tbd. am i gaming too much? i think half of my flist would disagree.
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I need gaming advice.

As you may be aware, I'm DMing a Dungeons & Dragons campaign for a few people, all of whom have a mix of what they enjoy playing - a couple are into puzzles, a couple into heavy roleplaying, one into rollplaying and treasure-gathering, some have unconscious metagame tendencies - and the last few sessions have been heavily focused on individuals. Basically, the party splits up, and each character is dealt with separately. While I try to keep it balanced, people are getting bored. Being bored was always my least favorite part of every campaign I've ever played in, and a definite reason for why I prefer DMing to playing. So I need to fix it.

They're all trapped on a boat now, so it won't be too hard to make them stay together right now, but as soon as we get to a town, it become an issue. I know other people have had this issue, so do you have any suggestions for a newbie DM?


In other news, I'm DESPERATE for the new Nine Inch Nails album, Year Zero. It'll be out April 17, and it sounds good. Downward Spiral good. I love NIN stuff because it's so angry and violent and yet soothing at the same time.
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For all you Gilbert and Sullivan fans, courtesy of [ profile] joie_de_livre: It is very much stuck in my head this way now...I can even see the lighting scheme that I'd use in Dink to make it possible.

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Noble Excellency Prisma the Unlikely of Londinium-le-Thames
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

And in other news, instead of going hiking (because it was raining), I bought The Most Ludicrous Shoes Ever. And then I went out and bought a denim miniskirt and red tanktop to wear with them. I went *outfit* shopping. I'm so amused, but I love them so much. I was trying to buy a pair of jeans and some sensible shoes (which I also picked up, but still, I think I'm only barely breaking even). Also, I am apparently pear-shaped - baby got back and then some.

Also, there was DnD, and someone said that it was a good session! So, I'm not a terrible DM! I'm causing terrible roleplaying conflicts and directing pompous NPCs, and planning more than I need to, so that's good. And then there was talking, and trouble wasn't caused and I played well with others, and received some interesting email.

All in all, a pretty damn successful weekend.
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This weekend:

Friday night: I don't remember Friday night - something must have happened. Maybe I went out to dinner?

Saturday: There was DnD. It was ridiculously sunny, and I didn't yell at my players. I also didn't plan enough, but c'est la vie. Next week, it will be better. :)

Sunday: There was some sun. And lunch with library people, and then coffee with a real live date. I have the feeling that he thinks it went better than it did, but I couldn't say for sure whether it went as badly as I presume it did.

Monday: I went to Sunnyvale for lunch at DishDash and had the chicken shawarma and kibbeh. Food was good. Then there was hanging out, and then dinner, and more hanging out.
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This weekend, stuff happened.

Saturday, there was chargen for my yet to be named campaign. Ranger, Rogue, Monk, Barbarian, and Cleric-trying-to-become-Wizard-dual-class. A little high on the meat, a little low on the magic, but I think we'll make do. I haven't created enough details about this world for people to give me backstories, so, er, yeah, I ought to do that.

Saturday night, I got sick with a fever. Ate little.

Sunday, still sick. Had udon noodle soup and shrimp tempura. Felt better.

Monday, lost my voice. Felt even more better but didn't go to work.
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I'm trying to judge interest for a D&D 3.5e campaign to be run by me either Saturday or Sunday afternoons (ideally before dinner). I ran a couple of one shots earlier this year, and I tend to do pretty traditional type dungeon crawl scenarios. No official campaign setting yet, since I'm still trying to decide whether it's worth it, but it'll be a made-up world (ie, not Faerun or Eberron) with a typical D&D setup.

Let me know if you're interested by responding to the email i sent to gaming-society, and what day you can make it. We'll probably be playing somewhere on campus.


in other news, i'll be in new york city next week, Jan 28-Feb 4. Anyone around?
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running a new one shot weekend of the 27th. based on curse of avoozl, same world, yet different. if interested, and in bay area, drop me an email and let me know what day (the 28th or the 29th) and what time (wide open) would be best.

also, check out korgoth of barbaria. i feel like he may make an appearance in my one shot. ;)
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i now have enough interest in my one shot to consider running it both saturday and sunday...

this should prove interesting.
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I'm recuiting for "The Curse of Avoozl," a 3.5e DnD one shot to be held the weekend of the 14th sometime, likely late Sunday afternoon.

If you're interested, see the email sent to the SGS list. If you're not on the SGS list, email me. If you don't know my email address, you're SOL. :)

Also, title of this entry courtesy of [ profile] 2_ragged_claws who, when I sent out the email, responded with that as the first thing that popped into his head. I am now very tempted to make my evil bad guy (clearly Avoozl) an amateur rapper.
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today's happy thought: only three more days of work, counting today. and game hens for thanksgiving because we're all a little sick of turkey. ;)

omg, d'n'd was hilarious last night. i have some quotes that i will post later, but my faerie dragon was silenced by elminster. THE elminster. ;)
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happy thought for monday: the new robert jordan book may actually not be terrible. :)

D'n'D was fun. My dragon is learning about praying from the priest and talked to some wolves and got fish and then got shinies!!! It was *awesome*. We ran into a paladin who had been turned into a vampire, but he didn't try and eat us, and he could change into a wolf. And he had this bathroom with BUBBLES; it was so fantastic. And we found kobolds that could turn invisible and they had a leader whose name was Grath-Grath. Except that he wasn't around when we saved the townspeople from the kobolds. And there were 50 gp buried under the burned mark of tiamat, and an additional 2000 in the hay in the barn. I swear it's a dragon horde, but she doesn't know anything about that...

Dude, i wish it were sunday again.
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happy thought for sunday: drinking a delightful chai eggnog latte at 8am on a foggy morning when i don't have to be at work.

in other news, d'n'd later today.
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dude, d'n'd was awesome. so, i have a faerie dragon, who is barely modded. she lost some of the more powerful abilities (caster lvl 9, not 12), and her breath weapon is a little smaller, but the dm is letting me play her more based on her personality than the actual rules. admittedly, she's not quite as annoying as she could be, but hey... she's small, cute, goes invisible, flies, and is ridiculously curious. the amount of levers that i would have pulled had i been just a little larger... whoo-boy. could have been bad. she carries her entire horde in a small bag of holding around her neck... the party is almost as dysfunctional as matt's campaign last year, except there are no blood rivalries. yet. we have a female dwarf fighter who's 4'2" played by a novice so she's a bit giddy...has a thundering axe, so everything she hits gets stunned from sonic damage. we have a half-ogre/half-gold-dragon fighter who's 7'4" who obeys everything said by the human priest/fighter who, if he heals you, expects you to keep midday vigil with him to tempus and gets really upset if you don't. then there's the human priest/bard who's actually a harper, but no one realizes it yet. a halfling arcane trickster who has kept his name hidden and is acting horrifically shifty and is very nervous about everything. and then there's me, the large cat-sized extreme dose of chaos which opens doors and pulls levers and says "ooh, shiny" a lot. easily distracted by bright things, and is very free with her spells. for example, we started the campaign in a cell with a door. chances are that the door wasn't locked since it was a plot point, but khirsah (yes, i reused the name) decided to summon an earth elemental to break the door down. with a 7'4" half-dragon standing next to her. *boom* the earth elemental goes through the door and wakes up whatever lives in the dungeon beyond. way smart, lemme tell you. ;) she uses dancing lights and ghost sound quite often just to be obnoxious and because colored balls of light are... "ooh, shiny."

anyway, after d'n'd jeremy and i went to wildwood elementary school, and stared up at the stars while swinging on swings. i gotta say, it's cold out there, and wet swingsets don't do much to improve it. then, as we were sitting in the car talking about stuff, a cop pointed a bright light at us and asked us what we were doing there. i didn't know that it was illegal to be on school grounds after hours.. that makes me sad. i used to go to wildwood at night all the time to look at the stars. anyway, we got to see the big dipper and orion and casseopeia and delphinus and venus. there were others too, but we couldn't remember them... but it was cool.

hero meme... three choices... )


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