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Malest, Cornifici, tuo Catullo,
malest, me hercule, et laboriose,
et magis magis in dies et horas.
quem tu, quod minimum facillimumque est,
qua solatus es allocutione?
irascor tibi. sic meos amores?
paulum qui lubet allocutiois,
maestius lacrimi Simonideis.

That's the poem I was trying to find.
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Every time I read about dinosaurs, I kind of want to quit my job, sell my stuff, and move to Montana to go dig them up. It's the same kind of feeling I get when I read about Egyptian artifacts, tho at least Egypt would be warmer.
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today's happy thought: it's friday. *sigh of relief* two days of doing nothing await.

and, now, a poem by catullus (trans. Peter Green)

Life is really a bitch for your Catullus,
Cornificius, and (my god!) so boring,
and it keeps getting worse now, daily, hourly--
yet have you--it would take the slightest, simplest
effort--offered him any consolation?
I'm pissed off with you. That much for my love, then?
Please, please, spare me some small consolation,
words more tearful than the message on a gravestone!

In Latin... )

Actually, today has just been discombobulated and chaotic. I'm so glad it's Friday and tomorrow I can just sort of do nothing. Maybe I'll go to yankee candle and visit the Bavarian village (it's almost like being in Germany, except not). Harry Potter didn't happen last night, so I'm sad, but that's okay: i'll see it later next week, probably. And [ profile] chancel, I got your message. Was planning on calling tonight or tomorrow... Would totally be interested in hearing what John's dept needs, so yeah...

Today could not go slower even if the clocks stopped.


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