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Merry Christmas, all. Yes, I know I'm a few days late, but it's been hectic. There was my brother's birthday, then mom's birthday, then Christmas, then a 12 hour drive to Massachusetts, then a 4 hour epic cleaning of my mom's laptop, and it's off to DC tomorrow. So needless to say, it's been busy, and I should really be in bed since I need to be up in six hours.

In any case, I got to see Jeremy tonight. Turns out that even though there's a New Year's party this year, it is unlikely that I will go, being that his girlfriend (who seriously does not like me) will likely go. Frankly, since I feel it's likely she'll try and kill me if she ever meets me, I'm kind of okay with just hanging out with Jer tonight. Although, honestly, she really shouldn't worry about him -- he is dating *her*, not me. Don't you remember? We had that whole kafuffle last year and he chose you over me. Sending text messages in order to interrupt his hanging out with me just makes you look psychotic. ANYWAY, whatever. I'm done with the dramatic angst for now, although if that other damn boy doesn't get out of my dreams, I will go insane.

My fishtank apparently is still doing badly -- the water's gone all cloudy and I'm not anywhere near it to fix it. Thanks to Mike, though, they did get a water change. I can only be glad that someone actually was around to feed my fish. Thank you, o wise sir. I'll check it when I get back and try and fix it.

In terms of (bandito?) loot from this Christmas, I received far too many DVDs (including Serenity special edition, BSG Razor, Buffy & Angel) and far too many books (including the Goodkind book, and the remaining two books in the NightWatch series) and also an extremely nice pair of earrings and a wallet. I gave my brother a the giant lego set of the Millennium Falcon and an awesome dragon, and other neat stuff to the rest of the family, including a lot of Google stuff. It's problematic when you work at a neat company -- people just seem to want Google stuff from you.

Right. I'm off to bed, to arise early and drive 8 hours to DC with my dad. In a minivan. Hope I'll have the right set of music to keep myself from going insane.

New Year's in a few days. Guess I ought to start thinking about my resolutions or somesuch. Ew, committments. I'm really not any good at those.
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I'm in Ohio. It's less cold here than I was expecting, and there are more dogs here than I was expecting. Should prove entertaining.

I get to sit with Allie now, though. She's all freaked out since Larry isn't around to keep her company and she's never been to Grandma's without him before. Except when she was little, but I don't think she remembers that. Anyway, her usual standoffish behavior has been replaced by this timid dog that I barely recognize. She actually came when she was called and licked me on the nose. I think she's really glad I'm around -- some additional form of pack, I guess. She looks to me as the pack leader (at least sometimes), so I wonder if my being here makes her worry less.

Anyway, we also have my grandma's white fuzzy roly-poly dog Topsi, and my uncle's lanky taller-than-Allie husky named Jack. Jack's seriously built on springs; he's so incredibly bouncy and insane. He stays outside mostly, and plays really well with Topsi, even tho Topsi's about the size of Jack's head. Allie doesn't play well with others, so there's an interesting dog-in, other-dog out play going constantly.

I miss my dog when she's not around. It's too bad I'm allergic to cats, coz I think having a cat around would be a relatively okay substitute for a dog. I guess fish are about the best I can do for now.

Jamie's coming tomorrow!!!! So that will be awesome, and we'll have a very full house. Family's the best Christmas present ever.

Anyway, I need to go frantically wrap actual, non-sappy presents, but I just wanted to wish people a fantastic Christmas and New Year's. I'll probably post more later this week (I hear you waiting with bated breath), but we'll see...
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Didn't end up going backpacking this weekend. Instead, something much more painful and requiring of endurance: Christmas shopping. And work.

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Thing I'm happy about: Henry's coming to visit in little over a week! And he's staying for a week! And it'll be awesome to see him and stuff.
Thing I'm less happy about: It's impossible to find a station that does techno remixes of Christmas carols. The closest I've come is somaFM's Christmas lounge, which has a few chillout remixes. Also, I think there should be a station that does hiphop remixes of Shakespeare. Coz that would just be awesome.
Thing I'm working on: Digging myself out of piles of work so that I can go to BCBG's & VS, do my laundry, and pack before going to bed.
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Fantasy Flight Games (Blue Planet, Lord of the Rings board game, others) is having a $5 sale through Dec 3: (x-posted to SGS mailing list)

Thing I'm happy about: over 15 hours of Christmas music.
Thing I'm less happy about: That 1245am meeting I have tonight.
Thing I'm working on: Convincing myself that I don't need to go to that really neat book talk I wanted to go to, but instead should actually do work.
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Thing I am happy about: When pressed, I can, in fact, cook things like scrambled eggs and eat them for breakfast. Also, I can legitimately start playing Christmas music again, although I yet need to figure out a place to put up my Christmas tree. It's not December yet, so I figure I've got some time.
Thing I am less happy about: My four day weekend of doing nothing (well, mostly) is almost at an end. Also, I can't find the power charger for my ipod, which is kind of annoying, given that you can't play music off of it while it's charging in the computer. It's old, so this might have been fixed with a newer gen.
Thing I am working on: doing work. And also half heartedly Christmas shopping on
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The day has dawned sunny and cold, should be down in the 40s for most of today. I had dinner with my brother yesterday, which was awesome, minus the fact that we were both some level of exhausted. We only did dinner and chatted over Italian food But, as I pointed out, we'll see each other for Christmas, and that'll be good.

Christmas is turning into such a complicated affair this year. I think I'm visiting not one but both of my grandmothers, which will include me being in a car for 840 miles or so. I'm looking forward to it, but it means that I need to start planning presents NOW, before I get swamped with vacation planning.

Thing I am happy about: It's FRIDAY!
Thing I am less happy about: I'm still sniffly, and the lack of restful sleep has not been helping.
Thing I am working on: Remembering to wake up in time tomorrow to get to the airport for my 830am flight.
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Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year, I would like a drier that actually dries my clothing. While I know this is a lot to ask, it would be really useful. Also, a second set of sheets that weren't awful would be nice.

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For Christmas this year, I want a pleasant surprise.

Sadly, this cannot be a new computer, for I now have a working Admin-access computer with accompanying monitor (nice), keyboard (average but at least the right color) and mouse (OMG, DIE). Need speakers, or at least some way of hooking the ones I have here up to the computer in the kitchen. I don't really want to move the speakers, but I don't have any way of plugging in the computer into the outlets in my living room. Because the outlets in my living room are from the sixties, when they didn't have 3 prong appliances. Neolithic twerps.

In other news, I found a recipe for bread. And I will attempt to make said bread sometime this weekend, maybe. Assuming that I don't reread the recipe and go "HOW LONG?!!!" and run down to the local McDonalds to acquire some of their McWonderBread instead. Not that that's the same kind of bread AT ALL, but beggars (or at least lazy ones) can't be choosers.

In additional other news, I called my parents something on the order of 5 times today. Once to say "Hi", once to let my mom know that I thought my shirt was ruined because I spilled coffee on it, once to ask my dad about checks with old addresses, once to tell my mom that my shirt was fine, and then finally to let them know that I had spent large quantities of money on their card for food since I'd just spent excessively large quantities of money on my card for electronics and was running close to my credit limit. They were highly amused. Highly amused.

I ate toast today. No, really. I really did eat toast, so this is now officially an "I ate toast" blog.

Actually, right now, I feel more like [ profile] troglodyteking since I have a bunch of stuff that I want to talk about in a high-minded philosophical manner, but I can't formulate it well enough at the moment to be able to write it down. It involves something to do with relationships, so I'm not sure it would be all that interesting to many of the people on here, especially those concerned with logic and problem solving.

See, that's the biggest tolerance that I think most relationships have to develop. Most (not all, there are always exceptions) guys are very much like "you have a problem? Great, here's how to solve it and let me be logical in the meanwhile" and girls (again, not all) tend to want to explore the problem to the fullest extent and meander about before trying to come up with a solution that they're happy with. Guys just sort of optimize the problem and discover the correct solution, regardless of how easy (or nice) it is to implement. That, and I like complaining. Gives me something to talk about.

It was raining today, yet another thing that reminds me of [ profile] troglodyteking. He does often like the rain. Bunches of my guy friends (who coincidentally ALL like to hike) were overjoyed by the rain and the coolness of the weather. Meanwhile, I went out for a small walk, got completely drenched and ended up shivering for a good half an hour. I'm not ready for fall, much less winter. Though, I did check and it said that this winter was supposed to be mild. I wonder whether it predicted the drought that we had last year, since I'm getting the sense that it's going to be a long protracted rainy winter. We'll see - maybe I'm just pessimistic and the weather gods will surprise me with their benevolence.

On the other hand, winter = Christmas = family = good, so maybe by that transitive process, we can say that winter = good. But maybe not.

So, in conclusion: I ate toast. I went shopping. It rained. I was cold. The end.
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It's the first of September!!!! Where the hell did the time go? It's almost fall, which means it's almost winter, which means it's almost CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!
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i am completely addicted to the soundtracks from the quest for glory games. thank the gods for quest studios, who make these ogg's available to the public. for all your sierra related music needs, turn to

this has been a short presentation brought to you by quest for glory 3's waffle walker. ;)

oh, and christmas was awesome.
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hey, y'all.

merry christmas! and stuff. i'm in ohio with grandma, jamie, fiona, parents and dogs, which is just about the best christmas present i could have gotten. so there we go.

it is nowhere as cold here as it was last year. so... it's all happy.

love to all.
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keep on rockin' in the free world... on my way to ohio for christmas!!!!

merry christmas and many saluations on the day!
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omg. going home for christmas on the 23rd.
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happy thought for the day: I put up my christmas tree. Yes, the one from school. With all its ornaments. And we played lots and lots of christmas carols and I really just sort of want to sleep under it tonight. We'll see--the dogs'll probably eat me in the night...


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