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today, i am happy about: going into boston and seeing paul. paul is awesome. we had pho for lunch, from the same chain as is in Mountain View, Pho Hoa. It was bizarre because the boston version is much nicer and less hole-in-the-wall-sketchy. the food wasn't as good, which just goes to prove the point that if you want good pho, go to a sketchy hole-in-the-wall in California. however, he is coming out to california in January to attend a random conference from the tenth through the fifteenth.

today, i am less happy about: long bus rides, lack of money, and generally frustrated at life's current path for me.

today, i wish that: he would move. but, c'est la vie. i also need to make a christmas list....
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i am back. i was back last night, actually, but hey. So yeah. BON JOVI IS AWESOME. OMG!!one!11 like, no, seriously, dude.

And even though I got so little sleep and screamed myself hoarse and spent more money than I should have, I'd do it all over again. Because it was *just* that cool... ;) Yes, I'm jazzed, can you tell?

And Aaron, I would love to get my plant back. I'm going to Narnia tomorrow night with y'all, and I need a ride back (probably to campus anyway), so I can grab it then... Thx! You rock.


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