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I don't want to lock this to SGS because I know some people don't have LJ accounts, but if you didn't know Matt Brown, this is going to be entirely irrelevant to you.

Most of you who read this have seen this, but if not, here's the word on the official memorial happening on Monday:

Matt Brown's memorial will be held on Monday, 3/29.

4:30 - 7:00: viewing
7:00: service

Spangler Mortuary in Sunnyvale.
174 N. Sunnyvale Ave

"We want this to be for his friends." -- Matt's family has expressed a desire for a sincere, informal service representative of his personality and tastes.

Therefore, come in whatever you want-- jeans, suit, costume...because Matt was not religious, there will be a Game Master rather than religious official presiding. If you have any suggestions for things to include in celebration of who Matt was (such as music, decorations, etc) please send them to J at and we will coordinate.

Speaking -- Anyone is welcome to speak. If you would like to speak, please email J at jineris[AT]gmail[DOT]com by Sunday night at midnight.

Additionally, SGS/Stanfordfolken* will be having our own memorial on Saturday, April 10th as a lot of people are unable to make Monday. I'm trying to get Lag Lounge, and I will seriously bust heads to do so. ("Dear sir, we will be taking over Lag whether you like it or not, as I have a number of Stanford alumni who are armed with swords. Yes, swords. Captain Planet may also be making an appearance, so it's probably in your best interest to let me reserve the room without a fight.")

If you would like to provide food/drink/decor/events/etc., please let me know, either here or via email (prismakaos[AT]gmail[DOT]com).

*SGS/Stanfordfolken doesn't mean exclusive to those groups, just that there will be a preponderance of gamers/Stanford/Sav people invited.
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